Zoé Metthez HD Wallpapers, Boyfriend Pics, Family, AgeZoé Metthez is a Swiss born beauty and is the title holder of several beauty pageants. In this Miss Universe Switzerland 2014 winner Zoé Metthez biography, we shall discuss more about her personal and professional life and also about Zoé Metthez model profile. She is one of the top models in the fashion industry and Miss Universe Switzerland 2014 winner name is popularly discussed worldwide. First she won Zoé Metthez Miss Universe Switzerland 2014 and then she represented Switzerland at Miss Universe 2014. Again, she was crowned victorious and the biography of model Zoé Metthez has several feathers in her hat. Her fans can download Zoé Metthez bikini wallpapers online and always stay updated with Zoé Metthez photo shoots. Currently, she is one of the most famous Switzerland female models of the world and has several career options lined up for her.

Zoé Metthez Age, Height and Personal Details

Even though Zoé Metthez personal life has never been made too public but Miss Universe Switzerland 2014 winner wiki would state that she comes from a fashionable family. Surprisingly, model Zoé Metthez age is only 20 years as of now. Zoé Metthez date of birth is 12 December and she was born in the year 1994.

This stunning beauty has recently gained so much fame and so, not much about Zoé Metthez family background or anything about Zoé Metthez parents is known. However, we can still talk about her stats and Zoé Metthez height is 5 feet and 10.5 inches, which is pretty impressive for a model. Also, Zoé Metthez weight is somewhere around 45-50 which is mostly gained from her height as she is particularly thin. For her fans, Zoé Metthez hot pics are flooded on the internet but sadly, Zoé Metthez wiki does not have much to say about her.

To speak of Zoé Metthez nationality, of course, she is Swiss as she was born and brought up there. Also, Zoé Metthez education is not very qualified as she is too young and should have been pursuing her studies till now. But she has managed to be amongst one of the most successful & young Switzerland female models of all times.

Professional Career of Zoé Metthez

There is no telling that how successful she has been up till now and, Zoé Metthez ads are giving her the exposure that she needs to make it to Hollywood. After being crowned as the winner of Miss Universe Switzerland 2014, she has received lots of accolades and Zoé Metthez Hollywood debut is expected anytime soon.

However, as she is a new Switzerland female model, there is less reliance about her acting skills but she can always be Zoé Metthez cover girl of various top magazines. On Zoé Metthez blog, there are tonnes of facts about her and the connection of Zoé Metthez magazines and her love for them is one of them.

Zoé Metthez Bikini Photo Shoots, Dating

Miss Switzerland Zoé Metthez Bikini Photos, Hot Photo ShootsShe is often seen on Zoé Metthez bikini photo shoot and Zoé Metthez swimsuit pictures are the favourites of her fans. However, being so young that she is, Switzerland model Zoé Metthez bio-data is not too elaborated but she is definitely one of the trending Switzerland female models. Also, being amongst Switzerland female models, there have been several discussions and Zoé Metthez controversy that bring her the publicity.

As of now, Zoé Metthez first film is much awaited and it is expected that the list of Zoé Metthez awards would be quite impressive in the years to come. In fact, Zoé Metthez modelling career has already reached several heights and there is not much to accomplish in Zoé Metthez next beauty contest, but her fans would like to see more of her. Recently, she has been compared to Miss Israel 2014 Mor Maman and it is heard that she is also good friends with Miss South Africa 2015, Liesl Laurie.

Personal Life of Zoé Metthez

As expected, the talks about Zoé Metthez love affairs have already started and the boyfriend of Zoé Metthez is a mystery man. As far as Zoé Metthez love life is concerned, nothing much seems to be on the cards. In fact, there have been some rumours about Zoé Metthez marriage but all of them are nothing but media hype.

Speaking of Zoé Metthez relationships, the model agreed that she has had her share of teen-flings but most of Zoé Metthez dating has turned into Zoé Metthez breakups. As of now, there is no word on Zoé Metthez wedding date and as and when that happens, we would love to hear about Zoé Metthez husband name and his profession. However, the husband of model Zoé Metthez would be one lucky man.