Lionel Messi Girlfriend Pics, Wedding, Age, Wife PhotosThe most common is to think of a football player to run towards a super model. Like Cristine Ronalddo! However, the best football player in the world, Lionel Messi throws away that concept and maintains a lasting relationship with his childhood friend. The biography of Antonella Roccuzzo will tell you about her personal and professional life both. It is said that Lionel Messi will get married soon and Lionel Messi wife name is Antonella Roccuzzo. Here one can read Lionel Messi Wife Antonella Roccuzzo Biography. Lionel Messi Antonella Roccuzzo age difference is 1year and Antonella Roccuzzo is younger. It was in news that Antonella Roccuzzo will soon be wife of footballer Lionel Messi in 2010, no such thing happened but what happened was a cute baby bump.

Lionel Messi Wife Age, Family, Personal Details

Here one can read about Antonella Roccuzzo personal life. Antonella Roccuzzo date of birth is February 26, 1988 which depicts that Lionel Messi wife age is 27years. Talking about Antonella Roccuzzo model profile, Antonella Roccuzzo height is 5’2’’ and weight is 57kg. Talking about Antonella Roccuzzo family background, Antonella Roccuzzo parents live in Argentina which depicts that Antonella Roccuzzo nationality is Argentinian.

Her father Jose Roccuzzo is a businessman in supermarket sector and her mother Patricia Blanco is a house wife. Regarding Antonella Roccuzzo education, she is a student of nutrition and dietetics. She has two sisters, Paula and Carla Roccuzzo. One can find Antonella Roccuzzo hot pics on internet easily. Her pictures are available on Instagram and Twitter too.

The biography of model Antonella Roccuzzo will tell you how she met Messi, her academics and career. Antonella Ruccuzzo wiki tells about her very few things as she is a very shy person and there is only little information that we now about her. Antonella Ruccuzzo net worth is $20 million. Antonella Roccuzzo husband name is Lionel Messi.

Antonella Roccuzzo Early Career, Modeling, Movies

Messi’s girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo model has couple of her bikini cladded pictures available on Internet. Her bikini pictures in 2012 went viral on internet because she looked super-hot. Apart from this Antonella Roccuzzo model feet pictures are also there though not very popular as it is not considered as reputable in the modeling world. No one has ever heard about Antonella Roccuzzo movies as she is into studying and modeling.

There was a big controversy related to Antonella Roccuzzo and Ronaldo that two days after missing out on the FIFA Ballon d’Or to Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi’s partner Antonella Roccuzzo could be set to sue Argentine Playboy model Rocio Marengo. It is said that Antonella Roccuzzo and Shakira have a close relationship and that they are very in tune with one another.

Antonella Roccuzzo Lionel Messi Love Story

Lionel Messi wife by profession is a model. Lionel Messi does not have any problem with Antonella Roccuzzo modeling. If one talks about Here is a brief detail of Antonella Roccuzzo love life and Antonella Roccuzzo affairs. Antonella Roccuzzo knows Lionel Messi since childhood when they were 5 years old. Antonella Roccuzzo Lionel Messi love story started in 2009 when they met during the christmas break. Antonella Roccuzzo dating Lionel Messi from past 7 years.

Antonella Roccuzzo husband profile will tell you about his journey in his sport, his love life and career. Model Antonella Roccuzzo husband Lionel messi were in love since their childhood days Husband of model Antonella Roccuzzo is very active on social networking but she doesn’t have a Facebook account because she is a simple girl who does not likes being in limelight.

Antonella Roccuzzo Lionel Messi wedding date is not yet decided, we hope that they will be getting married soon but they gave surprise by giving the news of their baby. Model Antonella Roccuzzo bio data is just not adorned with her relationship with Lionel Messi or Antonella Roccuzzo controversy but also about her family and career as well. You can find Antonella Roccuzzo bikini wallpapers easily on the internet.

Antonella Roccuzzo Marriage, Husband, Baby

Antonella Roccuzzo Model Hot Pics, Bikini Wallpapers, Boyfriend, HusbandLionel Messi wife wiki is mostly embellished with Lionel Messi and her love story. They both got engaged in 2010 but there is no news that when model Antonella Roccuzzo is getting married to Lionel Messi. Before getting married, Lionel Messi told in one of his matches about Antonella Roccuzzo pregnancy news. Antonella Roccuzzo son name is Thiago Messi and was born in 2012. By profession she is a model but we haven’t listened anything about Antonella Roccuzzo movies most probably because she is studying right now.

Hot Antonella Roccuzzo has plenty of her pictures available on not only Instagram but several other websites. If we talk about her husband, Antonella Roccuzzo husband Lionel Messi is a great footballer and really a good husband. Messi has confessed that Antonella won’t take football anymore- not even when he is talking about his scoring two three goals. As a result, Messi now does not watch football at home, and instead, he watches cartoon alongside his son. Messi said that his wife loves to laugh a lot.

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Despite being a celebrity, footballer Lionel Messi wife is shy and simple in nature. Currently she is residing in Rosari, hence Antonella Roccuzzo new house is in Rosari but she travels to Barcelona time to time for meeting her love Messi. If one takes a deep look on Lionel Messi wife photos, it will depict that she is shy and makes every possible effort to stay away from any interviews and camera.

Talking about Antonella Roccuzzo children, she has a boy with his boyfriend Messi and they are expecting their second child soon. Antonella Roccuzzo latest news is that she is expecting again and Antonella Roccuzzo new baby can be a boy or a girl, they haven’t revealed anything yet. Hence there will be a li’l stop on Antonella Roccuzzo new assignments and Antonella Roccuzzo next photo shoots. A pause or halt will come on Antonella Roccuzzo job.

It will be a nightmare for fans if they will get any news related to Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi divorce as Antonella Roccuzzo with her husband looks really very adorable. Model Antonella Roccuzzo husband Lionel Messi loves Thiago Messi their son a lot. He watches cartoon with him. Antonella Roccuzzo sexy photoshoots will be on pause for a while due to her pregnancy. But her fans should not get worried as they can see images of Antonella Roccuzzo photo shoots on internet easily.