Rushabh Choksi Karishma Tanna, Wedding Images, Mumbai, Escobar, WikiRushabh Choksi is a Mumbai-based restaurateur and the boyfriend of Karishma Tanna, a famous TV actress and anchor on Indian television. He is the owner of a famous night club and bar in Mumbai called Escobar. Since nothing much is known about his personal life, restaurateur Rushabh Choksi biography will mainly talk about his relationship with the gorgeous Karishma Tanna. The relationship of Karishma Tanna boyfriend Rushabh Choksi has also had an impact on Karishma’s image in the Big Boss 8 house. Even though she is the most glamorous contestant on the show, her relationship status has kept her away from being much in news.

Rushabh Choksi Age, Family

Rushabh Choksi is one of the few celebrity partners that have kept it low in the industry. Since he is not an actor, there’s very limited information about him. As a result, Karishma Tanna boyfriend Rushabh Choksi biography will mainly focus on their relationship and future plans. We can conclude that Rushabh Choksi personal life is a very private affair and so is Rushabh Choksi religion.

While most people didn’t even know that Karishma Tanna boyfriend name is Rushabh Choksi, there are others who want to know everything about him including Rushabh Choksi family background. However, there is no source to locate that as there is no Karishma Tanna boyfriend wiki. The same way, Rushabh Choksi date of birth is also never revealed but Rushabh Choksi age is estimated at around 30 years.

As far as Rushabh Choksi height is concerned, he is a tall and handsome man. One thing that is sure about him is that girls love him. This is why Karishma Tanna boyfriend profile and pics go viral on the web instantly, especially Rushabh Choksi shirt-less pics. Even though Rushabh Choksi wiki page is not yet formed, he is often spotted with Tanna at various events.

Rushabh Choksi Wiki, Profession

While writing the biography of restaurateur Rushabh Choksi, it is essential to talk about his professional career. He is a restaurateur by profession and Rushabh Choksi profession is widely known in Mumbai. The fan following of Rushabh Choksi Mumbai is quite large as his club is one of the best places to hang out. So, Rushabh Choksi Escobar is just the right place for every party with friends and family, no matter what the occasion.

Ever since Rushabh Choksi business took off, Rushabh Choksi career has taken an upside. Even though businessman Rushabh Choksi personal details are very limitedly available, we can assure that his career is as good as one can wish it to be. However, due to the lack of data about his net income, Rushabh Choksi net worth is unknown, but as his career is speeding up, he must be one of the millionaires soon.

Rushabh Choksi Karishma Tanna Relationship

Contrary to his background details, Rushabh Choksi love life is quite visible. We know that Rushabh Choksi girlfriend name is Karishma Tanna and they have been together for quite a while now. Also, there have never been any rumours about Rushabh Choksi love affairs, but being the partner of a TV star; there has been Rushabh Choksi controversy every now and then. Since girlfriend of Rushabh Choksi is a well-known personality, he has been the victim of several media clutches over the years.

The news of Rushabh Choksi dating Karishma Tanna came as a surprise to many but more shocking was the gossip about Rushabh Choksi breakup with Karishma Tanna. People had become curious to know about Rushabh Choksi Karishma Tanna split reason, but the two shunned away the whole controversy merely calling it a rumour.

Since then, Rushabh Choksi Karishma Tanna relationship has been going even stronger. Thank God for that because people had already begun to look out for Rushabh Choksi ex-girlfriend images expecting to see Karishma Tanna in them. Similarly, people were also looking out for Karishma Tanna ex-boyfriend, expecting to see Rushabh Choksi in the results list. The amazing Rushabh Choksi Karishma Tanna love story began as a social interaction of the two and soon after it, there were friends and family confirming about Bigg Boss 8 contestant Karishma Tanna dating Rushabh Choksi.

Karishma Tanna Rushabh Choksi Wedding Gossips

Ever since Rushabh Choksi girlfriend Karishma Tanna went into Big Boss 8, there were rumours that he had found a new girl and Rushabh Choksi new girlfriend was because of Karishma entering the show. However, it failed to be true and the talks about Rushabh Choksi wedding with Karishma began to float in the air. Their marriage, when that happens, can be co-related with another couple, i.e. with the relationship of Drashti Dhami and Neeraj Khemka where the lady is an actress and the man is an entrepreneur.

As of now, it has been confirmed that Karishma Tanna and Rushabh Choksi marriage would soon take place once she exits the show. So to answer the question that is Rushabh Choksi married, well, he’s not, but he soon will be. It is expected that Rushabh Choksi and Karishma Tanna wedding would be a grand event. On a funny note, looks like Karishma Tanna is not so desperate about being Rushabh Choksi wife as she looks in no mood of quitting the show anytime soon.

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