Cecelia Ahern Books, Novels, Wiki, Wedding, HusbandCecelia Ahern is a worldwide popular novelist who has marked panache with some of her amazing writings that has woven beautiful sentiments in her stories. She has begun on her writing work since the year 2004 and has emerged as a worldwide recognized author and novelist. Her books have also inspired many prominent movies. Irish novelist Cecelia Ahern biography brings before you the details of Cecelia Ahern novelist profile and her personal life. “PS I Love You” is one of her most notable works and it has adorned her writing career with humongous praise and laurels. The release of the book has propelled the fame of “PS I Love You” author name and has touched hearts of all readers. The book is an incredible treat to all lovers and unfolds the emotions of life and relation in a beautiful way. “PS I Love You” author Cecelia Ahern biography is the keen interest of all the readers of this wonderful book and they are curious about Cecelia Ahern books list. She has written several other page turner novels and has also contributed to some short stories.

Author Cecelia Ahern Age and Personal Details

Cecelia Ahern has published numerous novels and short stories and is also the producer of a TV series. The author of “PS I Love You”, Cecelia Ahern was born in Dublin in Ireland. She was born to an Irish family and is the daughter of former Taoiseach of Ireland. Cecelia Ahern nationality is Irish and Cecelia Ahern date of birth is September 30th, 1981.

Cecelia Ahern age is 33 years currently. She has an elder sister named Georgina Ahern who is married to Nicky Byrne who is a part of Irish pop group “Westlife”. Cecelia Ahern family background is venerated and well-settled in Ireland and has engraved their names among top Irish influential people. Cecelia Ahern has completed her degree in the field of Journalism and media communications from the prestigious Griffith College in Dublin.

In the year 2000 she became a part of “Shimma” which is an Irish pop group that won the third position in an Irish National final in the august “Eurovision Song contest”. These events marked success of her early life and she later got into writing and Cecelia Ahern best-selling books have accentuated her author profile. Cecelia Ahern blog has some of her most interactive quotes and fan responses. It also shares many fascinating details about the author and her books.

Author Cecelia Ahern Wiki

Cecelia Ahern is a multi-talented personality who has showcased brilliances not just in her writings but also in pop music and creativity. Cecelia Ahern wiki shall talk about Cecelia Ahern novels and her writings. She wrote her first novel when she was only 21 and it became a massive hit that even inspired a block-buster Hollywood film. Cecelia Ahern first book name is “PS I Love You” and is was published in the year 2004. Writers like Cecelia Ahern, John Green, J.K. Rowling, etc.; are amazing writers who can reflect the beauty of relations and life in their writings.

The novel “PS I Love You” by Cecelia Ahern emerged as number 1 bestseller in her nation Ireland and ranked top among all book records for consecutive 19 weeks. The book also marveled people all over Netherlands, UK, Germany and US. The book had its copies sold in more than 40 countries and it inspired a popular and hit Hollywood flick. Cecelia Ahern next book “Where rainbows End” was released in the year 2004. “Where Rainbows End” by Cecelia Ahern also witnessed good response and her writing received laudable comments. Soon after that she has written many different books on various niches and has also worked on some short stories.

Irish Novelist Cecelia Ahern Novels

Cecelia Ahern rose to feat right away with her first novel and spellbound readers with the magnificence and spark of her writing. The book “PS I Love You” was adopted into a popular Hollywood flick. Cecelia Ahern “PS I Love You” movie was directed by film maker Richard La Gravenese and it featured Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank. This was Cecelia Ahern first movie which was inspired from her novel and the movie was released in the year 2007 which became a grand hit.

The writer continued penning beautiful stories with heart-touching notions. Cecelia Ahern “A Place Called Here” book was published in the year 2006 and it was her 4th novel. The book is a wonderfully written love story and it had a very warm end. Many of Cecelia Ahern books are such beautifully written in simple and lucid style.

Cecelia Ahern quotes also are very inspiring and heart-touching. Cecelia Ahern “The Gift Book” is also a pleasant read. Cecelia Ahern new book “How to Fall in Love” was published in the year 2013 and it is a beautiful encouragement to life about cherishing the best moments whole-heartedly.

Author Cecelia Ahern Books

Cecelia Ahern has written many books within a span of a decade and has garnered fame owing to her beautiful way of reflecting love and emotions. People are curious about Cecelia Ahern upcoming books and more of film adaptations. There have been 4 major film adaptations of her books including “P.S. I Love You”. Cecelia Ahern new movie “Where rainbows end” released this year itself whereas two of Cecelia Ahern films are in progress.

Her book “Love Rosie” received mixed reviewed but it has been rumored Cecelia Ahern “Love Rosie” film to be in progress. The writer is also the face of “Littlewoods Ireland”. Apart from books and movies the writer as also ventured into television series and is the producer of a comedy TV series “ABC Comedy Samantha Who? The series stars Christina Applegate.

Author Cecelia Ahern Personal Life

Cecelia Ahern is a versatile author who has presented beautifully written romantic and love novels. Best-selling writer Cecelia Ahern biography has revealed most significant details about her professional life and writings that has propelled Cecelia Ahern net worth. Now it shall present before you genuine details about Cecelia Ahern personal life and information on Cecelia Ahern author personal details. On December 14th in the year 2009 Cecelia gave birth to a baby girl Robin.

People were clueless about Cecelia Ahern love life and Cecelia Ahern love affairs. But soon it was declared that she gave birth to her first child with her partner David Keoghan. With this people got the notion of Cecelia Ahern boyfriend name but they also pondered on is Cecelia Ahern married. The couple hasn’t been spotted in many places nor much news about Cecelia Ahern Cecelia Ahern David Keoghan love story. The couple shares a good level of understanding and was not affected with any media buzz.

Author Cecelia Ahern Boyfriend & Marriage Gossips

Cecelia Ahern boyfriend David Keoghan is also very happy about their daughter Robin and is thankful to Cecelia for her. He also considers himself very lucky for being boyfriend of Cecelia Ahern and feels blessed to be the proud father of Cecelia Ahern daughter.

The writer exchanger vows with David and walked towards the eternal married life. Cecelia Ahern husband name, David Keoghan soon became confirmed. News about Cecelia Ahern husband David Keoghan and Cecelia Ahern husband profile and age never became that loud. The couple had a long term love story and respected each other’s likes and interests. They have embellished their lives with perfect understanding.

Cecelia Ahern marriage marked a new beginning and Cecelia Ahern wedding photos are not much available in many sites. In the year 2012 news soon stormed media about Cecelia Ahern children. Around March one of the spokeswomen confirmed to media about Cecelia Ahern pregnant. The author gave birth to her second child and named the boy Sonny. The son was born on July 23rd in the year 2012. The couple is currently enjoying their warm and cozy life with their two children.