Aisling Bea Legs, Hot Pics, Smoking, Husband, Feet, Height, 8 out of 10 catsAisling Bea is an Irish actress, comedian and writer. The craze about Aisling Bea stand-up comedy grew fonder when she won Gilded Balloon’s “So You Think You’re Funny” in 2012 and became one of the most famous Irish female comedians in a long time. While writing Irish actress Aisling Bea biography, it is essential to understand that she is the second female to have ever won the Gilded Balloon’s title in 25 years of its history. However, she later worked in several movies as well and so Stand-up comedian Aisling Bea biography will also focus on her filming career which explains Aisling Bea actress profile over the years. Read this biography for comedian Aisling Bea personal details and other aspects of her life.

Comedian Aisling Bea Age, Family Details

Before becoming famous as Irish stand up comedian actor writer, she was a usual contestant in the famous show at Edinburgh Festival. Her comedy traits come from Aisling Bea family whereby her grandfather was a novelist and her father, too, was a part of the industry. She was in Ireland in 1984 and so, comedian Aisling Bea age is 30 years.

The exact Aisling Bea date of birth is 16th March, 1984. The biography of Irish actress comedian Aisling Bea also includes information about Aisling Bea parents that have belonged to the country since forever. Apart from this, Aisling Bea wiki will also confirm that Aisling Bea education is completed from LAMDA and Trinity College in Dublin.

Standup Coemdian Aisling Bea Wiki

Since she was born and brought up in Republic of Ireland, Aisling Bea nationality is Irish and so most of Aisling Bea comedy shows are in her native language. Much discussion has been done about Aisling Bea feet and so about Aisling Bea birthplace as she comes from country of ethnic values. With her hard work and talent, she has added her name on the list of best Irish female comedians of all times.

Her fan following can be checked at the time when Aisling Bea comedy tour tickets are out for sale and they are sold within minutes. Else, you can also look out for Aisling Bea twitter profile on the web and be her fan too. Not only is she funny, she is beautiful too and one of the most trending female Irish stand up comedians ever.

Aisling Bea Comic Career

Even though very little is known about Aisling Bea personal life, her professional career is an open book. From Aisling Bea movies to all Aisling Bea tours, she has had an incredible journey. This is why Aisling Bea comedian profile is distinctly diverse and the best amongst Irish female stand up comedians. In its next section, Aisling Bea Irish comedian biography will talk about her various works.

In fact, she is so well received that she is often compared with Amy Schumer and Morgan Murphy as all of these women share similar stage skills, confident, classy and of course, hilarity.

Aisling Bea Standup Comedy Shows, Movies

In 2009, Bea’s first film released and her performance in Aisling Bea fair city was much appreciated. However, she did not grab much attention until 2012 when she beat 8 other contestants to win Gilded Balloon’s show. Since then, Aisling Bea gigs have become much like a tradition. It was after Aisling Bea first comedy show that released that her fan following increased two folds and this time, internationally. Aisling Bea comic roles were loved all over the world and this was confirmed when Aisling Bea first movie after winning the title came out.

Over the years, Aisling Bea films have created such a buzz amongst the industry that she started receiving offers from Hollywood. She then worked in several films like Aisling Bea come fly with me in 2011, Aisling Bea blurred line, the next in Aisling Bea trolled, and then again as Laura Stephens in 2011 in Aisling Bea dead boss. After various works, the talks about Aisling Bea upcoming Hollywood movies began amongst her fans. Totalling her works and her fan following, Aisling Bea net worth is in millions today.

Aisling Bea Books, TV Shows

Apart from being an actress and a comedian, actress Aisling Bea bio-data consists of other talents as well. It is Aisling Bea writer biography that will talk about her writing career. Of all the young female Irish comedians, she is one of the best writers also and Aisling Bea first book was much awaited. She has written the scripts and dialogues of many movies and so, Aisling Bea books were huge amongst the audience once they found out Aisling Bea as writer.

She is also the writer of several TV shows and due to her great skills and talent, Aisling Bea TV shows have been major success. With this, her name is also added on the list of Irish female comedy writers and she became popular worldwide.

Comedian Aisling Bea Tour Dates

Considering her fandom, Aisling Bea next comedy tour is always in the news where Aisling Bea one liners manage to steal the show. This is one major reason that talks about Aisling Bea tour dates float way before than they should. However, they are first released on Aisling Bea website where one can also find comedian Aisling Bea funny images (along with some Aisling Bea hot pics) and her upcoming works including Aisling Bea next book and Aisling Bea new TV shows. As of now, Aisling Bea new book release is eagerly looked out for.

Comedian Aisling Bea Personal Life

Although she is mostly loved by her fans, Aisling Bea controversy comes up every now and then. The gossip about Aisling Bea love affairs takes up in the news and so Aisling Bea love life is much of a public discussion at several occasions. If rumours are to be believed, then comedian Aisling Bea boyfriend was Ardal O’ Hanlon for a short while and it was then included in Aisling Bea breakups. Currently, it is unknown that who is Aisling Bea dating and so Aisling Bea relationships are a mystery as of now.

As regards Aisling Bea marriage, it is a private affair and the news about her marriage will be available whenever it is out. And to answer the question that is Aisling Bea married, well she’s not. In fact, even Aisling Bea boyfriend name is a secret, let alone details about Aisling Bea husband. We hope that Aisling Bea wedding date would be out soon.