Ambika Anand Marriage Photos, Husband, Hot Saree Pics, ChildrenFashion is an ever-embryonic study and it works hand in hand with glamor and style to define our personality. NDTV has not confined itself to mere news reading alone but has dilated its portfolio in areas of fad as well. NDTV Good Times is the lifestyle channel of NDTV and Ambika Anand is a glamorous TV anchor working with it. She is also the editor in chief and hosts shows on fashion and style. Ambika Anand news editor is a ravishing and radiant personality and leaves no stone unturned in defining vogue through her shows. A style conscious fashion enthusiast Ambika Anand has opted for the best suited career of her choice. Get The Look is her current show wherein she helps people to achieve glamor and a complete make-over and come out gorgeous and dazzling. Owing to this success most of the women have tried to communicate or write in Ambika Anand blog and Ambika Anand twitter profile. Ambika herself is gorgeous and comes across as beautiful and phenomenal with her electrifying persona and stunning composure. Hence many young girls and grown-ups are constantly digging for Ambika Anand beauty secrets and Ambika Anand pics.

NDTV Editor Ambika Anand Age, Family

Ambika Anand have been defining fashion and helping people turn themselves all riveting and radiant by garnering the ultimate and effective makeup tips and tricks. Ambika is a style icon is always well versed with all the latest posts and updated related to fashion. She was born in the capital city of New Delhi in a business family where her father worked in the business of plastic and her mother was a lawyer. Ambika Anand date of birth is traced to more than 30 years down the line and it is September 15th, 1980. News editor Ambika Anand age is 34 years and being a Virgo by sunsign she epitomizes perfection and glaze.

Ambika Anand height is nearly 5 feet and 6 inches and she bears an impressive tall and elegant countenance. She has completed her early education from the prestigious and renowned Delhi Public School and later pursued her graduation from Delhi University from Jesus and Mary College. Ambika Anand family background is highly style-conscious but Ambika Anand parents have always believed in making their children self-sufficient and educated and hence Ambika Anand education has been accomplished from elite and venerated institutions. She also bagged a diploma degree in the field of Economics from Cardiff Business School.

News Editor Ambika Anand Wiki

Ambika Anand has hosted several shows and unanimously it has been agreed that she is the perfect chosen anchor for such fashion-centric shows. NDTV editor Ambika Anand biography has come into limelight after people have grown curious about Ambika Anand wiki owing to the success of Ambika Anand TV shows. The 4th season of “Band Baajaa Bride” was hosted by Ambika which imparted tips on bridal make-over. The big fat Indian wedding, I’m too sexy-all access etc is some of the other TV shows. Sensational and sizzling countenance amalgamated with an influential voice has astounded many. Ambika Anand photos have adorned Ambika Anand website. She has been the part of mentor in some of her shows and has given a series of hits.

A quick glance at Indian TV anchor Ambika Anand biography will give you a vivid notion about Ambika Anand news editor profile and the way she transforms lives of people and impart a dynamic sense of fashion in all. Sensational, sexy and downright gorgeous, can define the TV anchor and fashion editor in chief of NDTV Good Times. Sweta Singh, Mini Menon, Reham Khan and Ambika Anand are some of the popular authors who are most trending in different news channel and Ambika Anand has opted the field of fashion apart from news reading to add more spice and life to her career.

NDTV Editor Ambika Anand Career, Programs

Ambika Anand is a favorite and one of the most demanded TV anchor in NDTV Good Times. The year 2002 marked the inception of her successful career with NDTV. Ambika Anand first show was a weekly programme, India Business report which was produced for BBC. It started on December 8th in the year 2002. In 2004 she left NDTV and joined “Department of communication of international labor organization” in Geneva. However in the year 2005 she made her way back to NDTV and Ambika Anand next show was “Hot Property”.

She also worked on other programmes like Boss’ day out, value for money and many more. Ambika also did some news anchoring in business news as well prior turning her focus on fad and fashion. TV anchor Ambika Anand biodata witnessed a new twist when she made her mind to join NDTV Good Times to host wedding and vogue related programs. Ambika Anand “Band Baaja Bride” in the year 2011 was one of the major hit programs that she has given. The fast and the gorgeous was yet another reality show of the same year gained humongous TRPs. Vanity no apologies, 10 things to do before you say bye etc. were some of the shows in her hit series.

Ambika Anand Awards, Achievements

Ambika Anand has performed excellently in her career and epitomized glamor and success with her work. Her dressing sense and personality has been considered celebrated and she has been honored with many awards. Ambika Anand awards propelled Ambika Anand net worth. She was in the list if best dressed for the year 2009 and 2010 on Verve India magazine. Her shows had also achieved Telly awards under the banner of best fashion show and lifestyle.

Ambika Anand salary did face a sharp rise but the several awards worked marvelously to get her into more and more spotlight. In the year 2011 she was anointed with Cosmopolitan India fun fearless female TV personality and also appeared in the list of HT city Delhi’s most stylish of year 2013.

Ambika Anand Marriage, Husband

Ambika Anand has grown gigantically in her career and displayed exemplary fashion sense and traits in her shows. Owing to this people have also been looking for Ambika Anand email address and Ambika Anand contact number but however Ambika Anand personal details have never been disclosed. Ambika Anand personal life has also not been much focused but it is certain that in her young days there were a handful people of people trying their luck on her.

Ambika Anand love life and Ambika Anand love affairs have never been highlighted but now people are trying to get complete details about her and hence interested in Ambika Anand relationships and Ambika Anand marriage and Ambika Anand husband. The stunning fashion journalist is believed to have got married though the diva herself has not spoken about it. The uncertainty still prevails about Ambika Anand dating and Ambika Anand divorce and hence news where Ambika Anand is married and about Ambika Anand husband name is still in dark.

People have raised eyebrows on Ambika Anand and Devika Anand controversies but as of now there has been no confirmed Ambika Anand controversy or have people gossiped about Ambika Anand and her husband. Only the dazzling Ambika Anand wedding pics shall confirm us about the husband of NDTV editor Ambika Anand. The fashion enthusiast Ambika Anand has opted for the best suited career for her and is mesmerizing viewers with her amazing quality anchoring and hospitality in her hit series of programs.