Anuvab Pal Comedian Pics, Wife Images, Wedding Photos, Kids, Live Comedy ShowsComedy has taken over the country. But it was not very long ago that it was shirked away from being a professional career. But if you are funny then you are funny. The account of Indian stand-up comedian Anuvab Pal biography talks of the time where he fought and fought hard to make it big. His comedy shows are seen as works of art. He has written for movies and has a few best-selling books to his name. The comedian Anuvab Pal as screenwriter was seen in a recent movie. He is one of the most talented male stand-up comedians in India who has also made a name for himself abroad. His short stories are derived from his personal life experiences. We will take a look at the novelist profile to understand his journey. His comedy series can be seen in theatres across countries and may also be found on YouTube.

Anuvab Pal Age, Family, Wiki

The family background of the comedian is quite affluent. His current age should be close to 40. He rarely speaks about his parents. His date of birth may be around 1975. His approximate height is 5 feet 5 inches. Anuvab Pal wiki mentions that he was in the US for 12 years so that may be where he completed his education and went to college. His birthplace is India.

Anuvab Pal Movies

The Indian screenwriter Anuvab Pal first movie is ‘Loins of Punjab Presents’ in 2007 which turned out to be a cult hit comedy. It was co-written with Manish Acharya and other Bollywood films that he has worked on include ’Nautanki Saala’ where he appeared in a cameo role and ‘The President is Coming’ which was originally written as a play but was converted to a film directed by Kunaal Roy Kapur and Rohan Sippy.

Anuvab Pal Comedy Shows, Books

The first comedy show that he wrote was that was notable was ‘Chaos Theory’ that comprised of 250 episodes. His TV shows include seven episodes of a comedy series titles ‘Mumbai Calling’. His funny one liners has an edge to them. He often puts them up on twitter. His first book was published by Harper and Collins and is titled ‘Chaos Theory’. His best novel is ‘The President is Coming’ which has been published by Random House India.

The books by Anuvab Pal are distributed through Flipkart and Amazon. His articles and podcasts can be found on his official website. Anuvab Pal ventured into stand-up comedy with ‘The British Comedy Stored’ when they opened in 2010 in Mumbai. He has also worked with Juhi Chaturvedi and David Dhawan in the MAMI special feat in the AIB podcasts.

Anuvab Pal Love Life, Marriage, Wife

The love affair of Anuvab and Deepanjana have lasted a lifetime. They were dating first, but of course. Then their relationships developed from Deepanjana being just a girlfriend to the woman centering his love life. They are married. Their wedding date is probably in 2011. The comedian Anuvab Pal wife name is Deepanjana Pal and can be followed on Instagram @dpanjana.

Though there is no way of knowing about the Anuvab Pal Deepanjana Pal love story, as the former keeps mum about it – there is no denying the fact that it’s worked so far. The wife of Anuvab Pal has been his rock for the past 15 years. Both of them have appeared in ‘Nauntaki Saala’ movie.

Anuvab Pal Awards, New Shows, Comedy Tours

The Indian stand-up comedian Anuvab Pal net worth has increased a lot over the years. He has been lauded for his works with international awards and nominations. He even has many mentions in international literature and magazines based on comedy. He usually does a lot of live comedy shows as well as live performances, the schedule of which is mentioned on his blog. He is seen in stage shows as well dealing out his funny bone and satire.

The biography of author Anuvab Pal shows just how multi-talented one person can be. He loves to hold workshops for kids who aspire to take up stand-up comedy. Although there has been no talk of a new show or any new projects in upcoming movies, we are quite sure that this is not the last of what we are seeing of him. He has not announced the title of his next book, or the subject matter.

He is also one of the most sought after Indian male screenwriters for comedy. This comedian cum actor has steered clear of deep controversy and has also managed to be mentioned in the top 5 comedians of India as listed by the popular daily the times of India. He keeps busy in life because of his comedy tours and projects. The tour dates can be found on his blog and his merchandise can be sought from his comedy store.