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Thousands of voice echoed when a single man on stage sang a famous Bollywood song. Ample number of youngsters and teenagers step into the city of dreams- Mumbai with one dream to become a star. But only are capable of achieving it. Stepping into the industry with an already well made backbone is easy. But a person with no star background, it is more than a challenge. Successful are those people who never gave up and tried their level best to reach where they are today. Among the crowd one such person was Darshan Raval, the singer of some hit songs which we still crave for. Like Armaan Mallik and Antara Mitra, even this young boy has an interesting story behind his success. This biography of Darshan Raval will leave his fans awestruck. Darshan Raval Twitter profile says a lot about his personal life and latest performances. Read more to know about the cutest singer of the age- Darshan Raval.

Darshan Raval Age, Family, Wiki

You will be quite surprised to know that Darshan Raval age is just 21 years and he had already made enough out of it. Darshan Raval date of birth is on October 18, 1994. Darshan Raval birthday party is always special celebration to him which includes all his family members, relatives and friends. Darshan was born in small town in Ahmadabad where love and passion for music never left him to rest alone and his house is located in some part of Gujarat where his parents live.

Darshan Raval parents are Mr. Rajendra Raval and Mrs. Rajal Raval. Darshan Raval family background is quite simple and has no connection with the Mumbai star industry. Darshan Raval height is 5 feet 7 inches with a good physique. His weight is near about 60 Kilograms Darshan Raval new looks and hairstyle have become way too famous. Darshan Raval education started from schooling in Ahmadabad and presently perusing his graduation degree.

Darshan Raval wiki suggests that Darshan, being highly passionate about his music and lyrics stepped in to Mumbai with a dream to be the voice of India which everyone will love to hear. Somehow he is now on the right track to achieve his dream. Darshan Raval nationality is Indian. Darshan Naval net worth is increasing with a promising growth.

Singer Darshan Raval Movie Songs, Albums

Darshan Raval song list is growing larger than his age. Darshan Raval movie song includes “Pehli Mohabbat”, “Batamez Dil”, “Jeena Jeena”, “Tum Hi Ho”, “Kabhi Jo Badal Barse” and lot more. Most of Darshan’s songs are romantic songs. Hence his genre of singing is considered to be romantic songs. Darshan Raval albums are in highest download list in recent times. One of the famous Darshan Raval hit song is “Kheech Meri Photo” which has more than one lakh views in YouTube.

Young Indian male singer Darshan Raval first song was “Pehli Mohabbat”. India’s raw star was Darshan Raval’s first TV show from where the young voice got a path to excellence. Darshan Raval songs are also available on Hotstar app now. This blog is about Darshan Raval biography which will disclose all secrets and personal life details of Darshan Raval.

Darshan Raval in India’s raw star contest was selected by Yo Yo Honey Singh for his splendid performance and heart taking voice. “Batamez Dil” song by Darshan Raval was another great hit which was amelioration to his music career. Darshan Raval best song is hard to decide since all of his songs are great touching and has a smoothening effect on mind. Hence Darshan Raval new albums are much awaited by all his fans.

“Ishq Chada Hai” song by Darshan Raval was candidly an awesome performance by him. Darshan Raval as a music director will surely flourish in career because of his managing skills and good positive attitude. Darshan’s growing popularity depicts that he will soon get nominated for awards for his music essence.

Darshan Raval Love Affairs, Relationships

Young Indian male singer Darshan Raval has set a bench mark in the industry with all his hit songs and smoothening voice which his fans love to hear. So much so far Darshan Raval controversy is not much in air since the young kid is very professional when it comes to his music career. Darshan Raval relationship with his colleges and clients is very friendly and close since the singer believes in maintaining a good long term relation with everyone.

Darshan Raval dating status is single presently though some of Darshan’s love affairs from school times are quite famous. However, considering his growing fame and personality, it seems that Darshan Raval girlfriend will be one lucky girl to have the heart of India’s young singer. Social media sites has disclosed Darshan Raval love affair through some intimate photos but Darshan, himself has never disclosed his girlfriend’s name to public. Hence Darshan Raval love story is expected to be an interesting one.

Darshan Raval Latest Buzz, Marriage

Some species was seen heating up between Dashan Raval and Nikita Gandhi through the tweets. Darshan Raval and Drashti chapters on “Ishq Chada Hai” page is growing enormously with thousands of likes. Darshan’s marriage is yet to happen in future since the singer is just 21 years old and has no plans for his wedding so far.

However Darshan Raval wedding date is expected to be a good luck for the singer. With best wishes his fans hopes that Darshan Raval wife will bring more luck and prosperity to the singer’s life. Darshan Raval latest news includes his long list of upcoming on stage performances. With growing popularity, Darshan Raval new songs are eagerly awaited by his fans.