Marzi Pestonji Wife Pics, Kashmira Pestonji Photos, Dance Performance, Age, FamilyIn India, song and dance sequences are quite indispensable from movies. And that has led to a host of people making their leaving by teaching dance. Choreographers have mushroomed all over the country and we are blessed to have Marzi Pestonji as choreographer amongst our community to render Marzi Pestonji live dance performance to enthrall the crowds with his amazing moves. “Nach Baliye 7” judge is a choreographer of quintessential talent who was noticed and given a stage to make it big after Marzi Pestonji first dance performance. Check out Marzi Pestonji images to find out how handsome he is. Dancer Marzi Pestonji wiki does not have much information in it. Read the following Indian dancer Marzi Pestonji biography to know more about this handsome hunk, who is dancing his way into everybody’s hearts. More and more kids are pursuing it as a serious career option and that tells how India is progressing so fast thanks to choreographers like this dancer who are so passionate about their art.

Choreographer Marzi Pestonji Age and Family Details

He is one of the best dancers that India has seen till date and there is always a mad rush to see Marzi Pestonji dance performance which has happened quite a few times with Marzi Pestonji in dance India dance. Marzi Pestonji date of birth is 16 August, 1985 and it has been only three years he has been recognized in the dance industry.

His association with Marzi Pestonji wife Kashmira Pestonji has been that of love and although there is not many Marzi Pestonji wife pics available in front of the public eye but we can assure you that she is really pretty. Marzi Pestonji choreographer movies have not been made yet but it’s needless to say that with the amount of knowledge that he has, he will be signed in with a good banner production. He is a well-built and fit person but the exact Marzi Pestonji height information is not at hand.

Choreographer Marzi Pestonji age is 30 years currently. Choreographer Marzi Pestonji bio data throws light on how an ordinary dancer rose to fame with his sheer talent. Choreographer Marzi Pestonji personal details have mostly been kept quiet but then again we should remember he is a comparatively new star. It will not be long before someone revealed these details. But till then hold your breath! Marzi Pestonji choreographer profile also has very little information on this public personality.

Dancer Marzi Pestonji Career, Movies, Dance Videos

The dancer was first spotted by the public in 2011 when he started judging DID Superstars. Marzi Pestonji personal life is kept under wraps. But Marzi Pestonji family background is Parsi and Marzi Pestonji girlfriend is the very gorgeous Kashmira. Marzi Pestonji parents lives in Mumbai. The Marzi Pestonji dance videos have gone viral and are available on YouTube. Choreographer judge of “Nach Baliye 7” hails from Mumbai so there is speculation that The Marzi Pestonji education happened there only.

Marzi Pestonji controversy happened when he said that only pretty faces make it big in Bollywood. Currently Marzi Pestonji is trying their luck in movies as a choreographer to increase his net worth. Marzi Pestonji life history is full of dance and happiness. The Indian dancer Marzi Pestonji wife is the very striking Kashmira and there has been no news of Marzi Pestonji wife pregnant. One may wonder if Marzi Pestonji children will be dancers too and become did judge. There is a big chance that Marzi Pestonji Bollywood films may be released soon because the craze of dance is slowly catching on.

Dancer Marzi Pestonji Love Life, Marriage, Wife

Marzi Pestonji love life has not been discussed a lot but this much we know that Marzi Pestonji love affairs have been with Kashmira who is Marzi Pestonji wife name. Biography of choreographer Marzi Pestonji encapsulates the details about the dancer cum choreographer’s life. Marzi Pestonji Kashmira Pestonji relationship is that of husband and neither Marzi Pestonji wedding date nor Marzi Pestonji date of birth is known for sure. But we are hopeful to get more data on the same.

This star choreographer not only enthralls his audience with his moves in Marzi Pestonji live dance performance but has grabbed everyone’s attention with Marzi Pestonji Kashmira Pestonji love story. The judge of “Nach Baliye 7” is supremely talented and also happens to have a very good Marzi Pestonji Twitter profile where he has quite a large fan following. Marzi Pestonji Kashmira Pestonji age difference is not very out of the ordinary and hence Marzi Pestonji married her.

“Nach Baliye 7” judge Marzi Pestonji biography must mention also the Marzi Pestonji dance academy that he plans to operate. Marzi Pestonji and Shiamak Davar have both been judges in Marzi Pestonji TV shows like “Nach Baliye” over the years. Marzi Pestonji Kashmira Pestonji wedding photos are very hard to find as wife of choreographer Marzi Pestonji is well protected by her husband.

Marzi Pestonji Latest Buzz

Marzi Pestonji latest news had been making recent headlines due to his precarious comments in the show. Judge of “Dance India Dance” who is the great choreographer Marzi Pestonji and Geeta Kapoor can be seen on TV these days with Marzi Pestonji and Rajeev Surti. The Marzi Pestonji contact number is impossible to find and Marzi Pestonji next dance performance will be staged soon enough so fans can now rest assured.

Marzi Pestonji dance academy address can be found on the internet very easily for those aspiring dancers who aspire to b like him or Shiamak Davar. If this carries on, then soon the wave of wilder moves and happier tunes will lead on and India can be the frontrunner in international western dance fests. The time is not far when Geeta Ma, Shiamak Davar, Chetan Bhagat and other people like such will do the country proud with their achievements.