Indian Chef Vikas Khanna Biography, Recipes, MarriageThe versatile and dynamic personality Vikas Khanna is best known as an Indian Chef but apart from delicacies he can also cook captivating lines and movies. In short he is a fabulous cookbook writer, restaurateur, humanitarian and filmmaker. He has also been the host of 2nd season of Master Chef India. Master Chef Vikas Khanna recipes that has been published in numerous books and some of his self-written ones in which he has presented wonderful recipes that can empower anyone and everyone in kitchen. Indian chef Vikas Khanna biography talks about his early life, profession and present day success that has distinguished him as an august Indian who has set an epitome of versatility through his works. Biography of chef Vikas Khanna also gives you notions about his books and recipes that has been sold colossally storming markets and enchanting home makers. This Indian Chef has shot to humongous International fame and has been acclaimed as The Hottest Chef in America.

Chef Vikas Khanna Age, Personal Details

Vikas Khanna is an Indian Chef who is currently settled in New York City. He was born in Amritsar, India. Vikas Khanna date of birth is November 14th, 1971. Vikas Khanna age is 42 years. Vikas was born with a defect in his legs and hence he was unable to run till 13 years of age. Vikas Khanna height is 5 feet and 8 inches. Vikas Khanna family background reflects well settled family who had rich sources and contacts. He was the second child of Davinder and Bindu Khanna.

Vikas Khanna with his sister, older brother had a pleasant and placid childhood. His sister grew up to be a fashion entrepreneur and is currently settled in Manhattan. Vikas Khanna sister name Radhika Khanna is pretty famous in the fashion fraternity and Vikas Khanna sister Radhika Khanna profile is graced by many elite fashion quotes and shows. Khanna had commenced on cooking mouth-watering delicacies with his grandmother and later grew up to be an iconic chef on the nation.

Chef Vikas Khanna Wiki

Vikas Khanna had laid the foundation of being a wonderful cook at a very young age. He started developing his recipes with his grandmother but later opened his own chain of restaurants. He had opened Lawrence Gardens Banquets when he was only 17. Vikas Khanna chef wiki unfolds information on Vikas Khanna Recipes and Vikas Khanna TV shows. He had organized a cultural fest gala that brought different traditions and cultures and represented the native dishes of different parts of India.

Vikas Khanna wiki also speaks about his career and initial professional advancements. He had worked with illustrious and esteemed hotels in India like Welcomegroup, Taj, Leela Group, Oberoi and many more. He has also worked with many prominent and influential chefs like Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay etc. He opened his own restaurant in New York on May 14th in the year 2011.

Chef Vikas Khanna’s Restaurant Junoon

Vikas Khanna had already secured ample knowledge and gained expertise in his passion and had started his own restaurant in Manhattan. Chef Vikas Khanna restaurant name is Junoon and it is situated in the Flatiron district of Manhattan. Chef Vikas Khanna restaurant in New York garnered people’s appreciation for its world-class taste of delicacies and rose to prodigious fame.

Chef Vikas Khanna Junoon group has also bagged favorable reviews and outstanding positive responses from Sam Sifton in the august paper The New York Times. His fascination and inclination deserved the perfect flow that adorned his career abundantly.

Chef Vikas Khanna Recipes and Books

In the year 2011 Vikas Khanna had hosted the 2nd season of television show Master Chef India. He had also hostel the next consecutive seasons. In these shows there news on Vikas Khanna paneer recipes and he had shared a lot recipes in Vikas Khanna blog. Apart from these shows and his blog where he shared his tastes and magic of cooking he has also written books on many popular and lavish dishes.

His books have achieved huge honors and awards and Vikas Khanna new book launch is thus being anticipated by his followers and adorers. Vikas Khanna book “Return to the Rivers” had also been nominated for James Beard Foundation Award in the year 2014. Chef Vikas Khanna latest news highlights of him being recorded as the most dynamic chef in India who has set a mark of glory in his trade.

He has also garnered huge international fame and has been acclaimed as Sexiest Man Alive in the 2011 edition of People Magazine. Vikas Khanna new show has seen him as a guest judge in MasterChef Australia on 23rd June, 2014. He has already hosted a couple of television shows and now he is gracing them with his valuable words of wisdom and judgment.

Chef Vikas Khanna Personal Life

The smart and incredibly talented Vikas Khanna is a dynamic personality who has practically touched all glamorous niches of life as an entrepreneur, film maker, writer, and most popularly as a chef. His fame and name has reached overseas and he is a venerated figure internationally. New York’s hottest chef Vikas Khanna biography gives a brief detail on MasterChef Australia season 6 judge Vikas Khanna personal life.

Vikas Khanna has been the spotlight stealer for his professional accomplishments but Chef Vikas Khanna love life has also attracted many media gossips and news. Vikas Khanna love affairs and Vikas Khanna girlfriend name had engulfed media chatters.

The rumors mills are continuously spinning blazing and juicy gossips and it was aired that MasterChef India judge Vikas Khanna dating Padma Lakshmi who is also another Top Chef judge. He was also seen on the sets of Mouna Ragam Serial during his show promotion.

However on confronting this news Vikas has expressed embarrassment on this link up and he stated that he is filled with respect for the wonderful lady and has no time for relationships in his busy schedule just like present day growing stars like Rakul Preet Singh, Siddharth Malhotra who hail from different profession but prefer singlehood.

Vikas Khanna Rumors and Gossips

Vikas Khanna is relishing a single life but much to his dismay he has attracted humongous media paparazzi visits in his love life. Rumors on Chef Vikas Khanna with his girlfriend Padma Lakshmi and Chef Vikas Khanna GF had been churned by media but he has also been linked up with other celebrities. Vikas Khanna life story already has talked about his shows but information on Vikas Khanna wife name has not been given.

The Chef is still single but he has entangled his image with rumors on Chef Vikas Khanna with his wife amrita gossips and headlines. Some rumors have appalled people by talking about Vikas Khanna wife images and Chef Vikas Khanna wife amrita photo. Apart from celebrities Vikas Khanna has been linked up with Shipra Khanna who is the proud winner of second season of Master Chef India.

There were rumors on Vikas Khanna and Shipra Khanna relationship that they have been cooking fascinating dishes and life tales together. She shall also be seen accompanying Khanna in Master Chef Kitchen Ke Superstar to unveil some interesting cooking secrets.

Vikas Khanna and Shipra Khanna dating rumors have stimulated thoughts on people’s mind about Chef Vikas Khanna married to Chef Shipra Khanna. However many have expressed positive approach towards this rumor and have congratulated on rumored Vikas Khanna and Shipra Khanna marriage though no news about it has been confirmed by the two elite cooking experts. His fans have kept a close watch on this growing relationship and are hoping some good news to be unveiled soon.

Chef Vikas Khanna Relationships, Marriage

Interviews and biographies of Vikas Khanna revealed many secrets of his life. He has disclosed his interests and likes in many interviews. Vikas Khanna’s favorite dish and Chef Vikas Khanna favorite food is also the interest of many of his fans and followers. Vikas Khanna net worth and his popularity have exceeded big figures that he has been an iconic figure in India and New York too.

Is Vikas Khanna owner of Junoon and is Vikas Khanna married are no more the daunting doubts in people’s mind. Thankfully the ambience has calmed down and there has been no media light on Vikas Khanna marriage images and is Vikas Khanna wife pregnant, Vikas Khanna daughter.

Obvious news about his singlehood has been published and his intimacy with Shipra Khanna is the only anticipation from his love life rumors as no news on Vikas Khanna and Shipra Khanna breakup have still been cooked. All these have framed Vikas Khanna controversy and have fuelled his media interested personal life.

The information on Vikas Khanna flavors first and Videos on Vikas Khanna twist of taste music are available on popular internet sites that share famous recipes on different types of food. Information on his recipes is widely available but you cannot trace Chef Vikas Khanna contact details. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about this Handsome and talent Chef through internet search engines.