Highest Paid Brazilian Model Adriana Lima Hot WallpapersOne of the highest paid Brazilian models Adriana Lima displays an astounding physical appeal and marvelous professionalism that has undoubtedly marked her supreme in this salient profession. She has a highly ravishing countenance with a slender personality that has awed millions of her fans worldwide. Adriana Lima first Victoria’s secret fashion show was a big success that paved her way to further lucrative modeling offers. She is also known as the highest paid Brazilian model of Victoria Secret. Owing to the vivacity and panache Adriana Lima has bagged prodigious fame and name that has quite carved her way to the pinnacle of her career. Her numerous fan yearns to know about the highest paid Brazilian model Adriana Lima biography is indeed a treat for the eye as it presents many minute details that have inspired her to take up this sensational profession.

Highest Paid Brazilian Model Adriana Lima Biography

Adriana Francesca Lima is a blazing model and popular actress who has embarked on her career at a very naïve age. She is renowned as the spokesmodel of the august and esteemed brand Maybelline cosmetic for the consecutive years 2003 to 2009. This impeccably talented model turned actress was born in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. Adriana Lima date of birth is June 12th, 1981.

Adriana Lima age is 33 years. She is blessed with a riveting tall body structure that adds to her awe-inspiring beauty. Adriana Lima height is 5 Feet and 10 inches. Adriana Lima family background traces her roots and her principles of life that instilled a firm belief in her to enjoy virginity until marriage She has also established herself in the field of acting and created quite a sensational buzz in popular movies and flicks.

Blended with such breath-taking posture and an amazing talent Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima bagged the pageant for Ford’s completion ‘Supermodel of the World’ at the age of 15. Know more about Brazilian model Adriana Lima biography and personal details in the next paragraphs. She then marched to sign with the reputed Elite Model Management and was soon laurelled by Forbes as one of the top-earning models in the world.

Adriana Lima Wiki

The gorgeous model Adriana Lima had never contemplated on modeling in spite of the numerous beauty pageants she has bagged in elementary school. Adriana Lima Wiki gives us the motivation behind Adriana Lima Victoria secret debut decision that has framed her career stupendously. Adriana Lima Supermodel of the world has dilated her portfolio to numerous international and popular editions of Marie Claire and Vogue.

She has walked the ramp gracefully for many stalwart designers and have marked splendor in many international shows. Her name is also registered in the Forbes magazine as the highest paid Brazilian model female. She has worked as a spokesmodel for the illustrious brand Maybelline till 2009.

Adriana Lima Blushes over Virginity Question

The Successful model Adriana Lima is a staunch Roman Catholic who is also a well-known philanthropist. She contributes in the expansion of orphanage of poor children and even provides clothing for the needy. Is Adriana Lima virgin? A question arouse in the media when the gorgeous model cleared the air saying she believed in sex only after marriage. Adriana Lima virgin until marriage interview revealed to the world her beliefs and thoughts about the scared bonding of marriage.

In spite of Adriana Lima dating Marco Jaric for nine months prior marriage did not change her mind. Adriana Lima parents are indeed lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful child with strong faith in the Almighty and who has all her principles and morals upright. She is so much popular due to her gorgeous and charming body figure. Therefore, she is one of the highest paid Brazilian models in the world. She is truly beautiful in heart and soul.

Adriana Lima Fashion Shows

The hot heart-stealer Adriana Lima has worked for many remarkable fashion brands and has captured the covers of many sensational fashion magazines. Adriana Lima in Victoria’s secret fashion show 2013 opened many fantabulous opportunities for her. She had also become the face of an amazing Brazil luxury brand and has worked with many eminent photographers in the fad industry. She has left no stone unturned the field of fashion and has emerged triumphant in it. She also commenced in the field of acting and her role opposite to Mickey Rourke and Forest Whitker marked the inception of an acting career.

She also starred in the famous series How I Met Your Mother. In the year 2008 she was featured in an American television series Ugly Betty. Adriana Lima and American Television series had received quite a pretty response adorning her film career beautifully. Owing to her grand success in fashion and films Adriana Lima net worth is humongous nearly $7.3 million a year. Adriana Lima is unanimously accepted as one of the best fashion models and a talented actress who has dazzled billions of people from all local to international corner.

Adriana Lima Marriage, Husband and Daughters

The attractive and enticing model turned actress Adriana Lima has bagged attention from many handsome and established stars. Victoria’s secret model Adriana Lima personal life was embellished with a loving husband and charming princesses who occupied the central part of her life. Adriana Lima first boyfriend might not have made it to the Church, but Serbian basketball player definitely did.

Adriana Lima husband name is Marco Jaric with whom she had spent an amazing nine months dating before exchanging vows in St. Valentine’s Day in the year 2009. The wedding date of Adriana Lima and Marco Jaric is February 14th, 2009. Adriana Lima husband job of being a popular basketball player had filled the lives of the couple with enormous stardom. After two years of marriage, Adriana Lima got pregnant.

Adriana Lima with her husband Marco Jaric is blessed with two pretty and cute daughters. Adriana Lima daughter names are Valentina Lima Jaric and Sienna Lima Jaric. Adriana Lima children are bundles of joy for her and she is the proud parent of two adorable kids. Adriana Lima child pics are also available in various sites. She is now pacing up with the growing career opportunities and she has engraved her name in this field and set an ambience of grandeur turning a deaf ear to all the rumors and gossips.

Adriana Lima and Marco Jaric Divorce

Adriana Lima and Marco Jaric painted their lives with colors of love and enjoyed an unperturbed married life. Adriana Lima and Marco Jaric love story marked a wonderful bonding, but much to the dismay of everyone the happy couple ended their relationship on a sad note. Adriana Lima Split from Marco Jaric, her beloved hubby after 5 long years of marriage.

Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric news of nixing their marriage was very appalling to all their fans. Adriana Lima husband Marko Jaric girlfriend rumors were believed to be responsible for Adriana Lima divorce reason. Adriana Lima husband cheat was the headlines of their failed marriage. Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric babies have got beautiful parents, but it is really unfortunate to watch them separated now.

Adriana Lima love affairs might have surfaced in the film and fad fraternity, but she has become the epitome of grace and success for many aspiring young talents in the glamor world. Rumors about Adriana Lima second marriage had also surfaced in media and added to the gossips and controversy of this top-model. She is indeed a distinct personality who has bagged colossal fame and name within a very short time.

Adriana Lima Boyfriend Gossips and Latest News

A prominent model, Adriana Lima has defined fashion and left an awe-inspiring impression in the glamor industry. Adriana Lima model photos have captivated many reputed designers and earned a flurry of appreciation and recognition. Her numerous fans have kept their fingers crossed to know more and more details about this stunning model and actress.

Adriana Lima boyfriend list has also been the talk of the town, but her fantastic career has swept a tide over it. Earlier, Adriana Lima and Lenny Kravitz relationship news is also being aired on the news channels. People also made gossips about Adriana Lima new boyfriend name, but she is not dating with anyone these days. Adriana Lima movies list is growing and we anticipate some more to get included in the flow. Adriana Lima hot photos and Adriana Lima wedding pictures are available in many popular sites and can be downloaded nimbly.

Adriana Lima recent news throws light on many of her upcoming fashion shows that are soon going to dazzle the world. It also reflects on some crispy rumors about Adriana Lima boyfriend 2014 though nothing has confirmed any report yet. Adriana Lima has epitomized excellence in the fashion world and hence fans are anticipating for Adriana Lima next contract and fashion shows. Adriana Lima has created a spectacular display that grew monumental over the years making her a successful and top-paid model.