Queen Movie Director Wiki, Vikas Bahl Wife Richa Photos, WeddingVikas Bahl is an Indian film producer, screenwriter and a well-known director of the Bollywood industry. In this film producer Vikas Bahl biography, his works will be recognised and also, a glimpse of Vikas Bahl personal life will be shown to his fans. Even though Vikas Bahl director profile has been critically acclaimed in the industry ever since, the list of Vikas Bahl super-hit movies continues to grow. As his fans have always appreciated Vikas Bahl as director, this biography will throw some light on his personal life as well as this biography of director Vikas Bahl by Youth Developers aims at an overall information about him to his followers. To know more about Vikas Bahl family background and to get some hint about Vikas Bahl upcoming movies, continue reading:

Vikas Bahl Age, Family, Personal Details

Vikas Bahl was born and brought up in the Lajpat Nagar area of New Delhi, India. Born in the year 1971, producer Vikas Bahl date of birth is 25 July. Film director Vikas Bahl wiki says that he is a superb director in the B-town who directed various super-hit movies. Director Vikas Bahl age is 44 years currently.

Speaking of Vikas Bahl parents, they come from an ordinary background and so, Vikas Bahl education was also completed in a sober manner until his graduation from Delhi’s Ramjas College. Due to Vikas Bahl height, he developed some interest in modelling but later he found his core excellence in the field on direction and screenwriting. It was not until Vikas Bahl first movie that he realized that he had a knack for production as well.
Well, this was all about Vikas Bahl personal details, but to know more about his career, read on:

Producer Vikas Bahl Production House, Movie List

Although it is no secret that Vikas Bahl director movies have always managed to attract a great deal of attention from media, Vikas Bahl awards would confirm that this attention was a positive one. In the year 2011, Vikas Bahl production house was inaugurated which is called Phantom Films and the series of Vikas Bahl national awards begun just after that. The association of Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari proved to be very beneficial for the duo and the decision of Vikas Bahl quitting UTV was now being appreciated.

To start with Vikas Bahl producer bio data, he first came into limelight with the work of Vikas Bahl in “Chillar Party” which was awarded the best Children’s Film of that year. Later the list continued with Vikas Bahl in “Hasee Toh Phasee” and several films like Vikas Bahl “Hunterrr” movie which were moderately treated at the box office.

Director Vikas Bahl Super-hit Films, Awards

Ever since his direction in the multi-award winning film “Queen” was appreciated where the association of Vikas Bahl and Kangana Ranaut was also equally loved, his fans have been waiting for director Vikas Bahl next movie every time. His work never fails to flatter his followers. It was also in the news once that Vikas wanted to work with R. Madhavan at a point but the actor refused it due to untold reasons.

As of now, Vikas Bahl new movie is expected to be the one featuring the talents of Vikas Bahl and Shahid Kapoor in the same film and due to some strange reasons, this has also led to Vikas Bahl controversy as well. The brand of Vikas Bahl “Phantom Films” has become a huge name in the industry and his fans continue to worship his work. Thanks to his brilliant works, Vikas Bahl net worth today is in billions. For more Vikas Bahl latest news, find and follow Vikas Bahl Twitter profile on the web.

Director Vikas Bahl Marriage, Wife, Children

Being in the media industry, the rumours about Vikas Bahl love affairs are not strange. Even though director Vikas Bahl married life is visibly known, media persons do not stop from linking him with his actresses. Although Vikas Bahl relationships are very personal to him, Vikas Bahl love life in the past continues to bother his present as well.

However, he is married now and Vikas Bahl wife name is Richa Dubey-Bahl. But Vikas Bahl wedding date was not revealed to the media as he was already married before he made it big in the industry. This is why we do not know much about Vikas Bahl wife Richa Bahl and there are much selected Vikas Bahl wife photos available on the web.

It was also a point of discussion once that Vikas Bahl Richa Bahl age difference has been causing troubles in their relationship but later it was revealed that Vikas Bahl Richa Bahl divorce is probable to happen due to other reasons. It was because the wife of film director Vikas Bahl was absent from the success parties of her husband’s success Queen. Some believed that it was because Vikas Bahl wife pregnant but nothing was ever confirmed.