Film Director Faisal Saif Age, Controversy, Wiki, New MoviesFaisal Saif is a talented professional belonging to Indian cinema. He has his entered in different categories of fields related to movies. Faisal Saif is a film Director, Critic, and a script writer. He belongs to Indian nationality and the biography of Faisal Saif is merely a story of an immense personality pertaining to services via media to the public. Making a look of the film director Faisal Saif biography is somewhat interested for his unique style of job. Faisal Saif is working as a Co-editor in Global Movie magazine, and also as a film critic and feature writer for Bollywood for many new portals in India. The celebrity personality Indian Director Faisal Saif biography is publicized with his works at peaks of his profession.

Director Faisal Saif Wiki

According to Faisal Saif Wiki, he is popular of making films with controversial themes and stories. He is an Indian born in the Mumbai City of Maharashtra as Faisal Saif Family background has been implanted here. The famous person Faisal Saif date of birth is 27th April, 1976 and Faisal Saif age is 38 now and his height is 5’8” approximately.

Director Faisal Saif Exceptional Movies

He started his career as a music director for independent videos for Catrack music and Vital Records in 2000. Then he started with movies giving Faisal Saif movies list is integrated with something special for his controversial triggering with his works. His first feature film was Jigyasa released in 2006 that was Faisal Saif first directed movie with good work of Faisal as a writer, and the movie gave controversy by the people.

At first Mallika Sheravat had to be given the opportunity to act in the title role, but later instance she was replaced by Hrishitaa Bhatt, who was the Ashoka fame. It was a super hit film at box office and also the movies story written by Faisal Saif makes upon for a reviewer look, and got a good image and revived career for Hrishitaa Bhatt. At that time media people explored the news that the movie story is related to Mallika Sheravat life history, which is the sex Icon of Indian cinema. But Faisal Saif deprived of the news and objected this.

Faisal Saif Hit Movies, Awards

Faisal Saif made his next film Come December, released in 2006 in both Hindi and English versions which got an International award for best story from Indianapolis Film Festival. The film and Faisal Saif Awards got for its best storey based on the homosexuals of HIV positive victims which is a controversial story.

After a long break, Faisal Saif Hindi movies are added with this third movie in 2012. It is psycho thriller movie that is that is the Faisal Saif and Meera movies list, which is acted by Pakistani Superstar Meera which is titled “Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore”, released on 10th august 2012.

Faisal Saif Meera Telephonic Controversy

Media had released hot news that Faisal Saif girlfriend name is Meera, and added with the fake news of Meera’s marriage scandal with Faisal Saif, which directed to Faisal Saif Meera Controversy who worked with him in “Paanch Ghantey Mien Paanch Crore”. The celebrity film personality Faisal Saif denied this allegation, as it is a controversial issue making Faisal Saif love affairs, which not right according to him.

It was breaking news about the Faisal Saif love life and creating unreal girl friend of Faisal Saif and Faisal Saif marriage are rumors and not real happenings. The media of Pakistan recorded videos of Faisal Saif and Meera telephonic conversation regarding to this issue.

The videos and their talks explored that Meera is not Faisal Saif wife and gets negative counter for the news that is Faisal Saif married with Meera. The publicized story of Faisal Saif dating history is ended with here. The film was selected as top one by the Times of India for the hottest Indian films category.

Faisal Saif Next Movies

In 2015, two Faisal Saif new movies are going to be released. The movie titled “Amma” is going to be released in five languages Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. The steadfast professional Faisal Saif director profile is add with a new film, and also as a writer, worked for this film that is produced by Dr. C. R. Manohar.

Kannada actress ‘Ragini Dwivedi’ acts in the title role in this film which is her second film and makes this movie her Bollywood debut. She plays in the role as an actress-turned-politician caused by circumstances. The both Faisal Saif upcoming movies are getting publicity for his extraordinary follow ups and definitely get Faisal Saif net worth improved.

Faisal Saif Rajinikanth Controversy

His upcoming film is Main Hoon Rajinikanth which made Faisal Saif Rajinikanth controversy with whom the title of the name used after. It a comedy Hindi film which is going to be released and a tribute to the iconic film superstar Rajinikanth. The online Faial Saif images exhibits his confident in his stature.

Rajinikanth claimed and stopped the movie from release, making objection of using his name after the film. But Faisal Saif denied that the movie is not based on his story or image specification by incident. The court ordered the makers to change the name of it. The movies are the completely Faisal Saif design work shop of his extraordinary films and Faisal Saif Design studio is that which makes films which conclude reality and truth.