Raai Laxmi Hot Images, Wedding, Husband Pics, Julie 2 Actress HD Wallpapers, Bikini PhotoshootsEvery year lots of new entrants take over the Bollywood industry. Some are brand new ones who are amateurs and some are a little experienced who have already starred in some regional films already for a year or two and then they get noticed. The “Julie 2” film actress Raai Laxmi biography will throw some light into the life and times of the actress that went into modeling since she was 8 years of age. Even Aftab Shivdasani had a similar story. He had started off as a child actor. Raai Laxmi movies list is quite long as she has done a lot of regional films in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Some of Raai Laxmi film songs have done well while some have not. In this article we will take a look at Raai Laxmi personal life to understand what led to her success. He is going to be one of the Bollywood newbies this year debuting with the film “Julie 2”.

Raai Laxmi Family, Age, Wiki

Raai Laxmi family background is that of a small family with 2 siblings in Karnataka. She is a member of the Bunt community of Mangalorean culture. Raai Laxmi parents are Ram Rai, father who is a businessman and Manjula Rai, mother who is a homemaker. The actress Raai Laxmi age is 26. Raai Laxmi height is 1.77 meters. Raai Laxmi date of birth is 5th May, 1989. The actress Raai Laxmi wiki also mentions that her nickname is Krishna.

Raai Laxmi education happened in acting from the Padmini school of acting which initially led her into modeling and then into acting. Raai Laxmi birthplace is Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Raai Laxmi birthday party happens every year with a lot of pomp and show. Raai Laxmi sister name is Ashwini and Reshma and both of them are elder to her. Raai Laxmi shares a very close bond with her sisters. Raai Laxmi weight loss happened after she entered the modeling world. Raai Laxmi did a name change in 2012. Raai Laxmi real name was Lakshmi Rai.

Raai Laxmi Bollywood Films, Telugu Movies

Raai Laxmi always wanted to pursue modeling ever since she did some local modeling and appeared in an ad at the age of 8. As soon as she grew up Raai Laxmi went for bikini photo-shoots because she thought there was no time to be wasted. Raai Laxmi first Bollywood movie will be released soon. Raai Laxmi Bollywood songs will be that of “Julie 2“. Raai Laxmi has starred in 4 Telugu movies and 1 is yet to be released in 2016.

Raai Laxmi is expected to do a very good job in “Julie 2” and she has been selected for her past sensuous roles in other regional films. The “Julie 2” actress name has been stealing a lot of attention since the cast has been announced. Raai Laxmi model profile is quite strong as she has done quite a few ads for big brands like Bru coffee, Fair & Lovely, Saravana Stores and the like.

The biography of actress Raai Laxmi will show what the struggles of an upcoming heroine are. The “Julie 2” film heroine has also appeared in a number of Malayalam and Kannada movies. The actress of “Julie 2” movie was first noticed after her debut in the Tamil movie called ‘Karka Kasadara’ in 2005. According to trailers, Raai Laxmi will be looking hot in the ‘Sowkerpettai’ movie.

Raai Laxmi horror movies are all in South Indian regional languages. The actress Raai Laxmi will be venturing into Bollywood films in 2016. Raai Laxmi and Priya Anand were seen together in the song ‘Ratri Vasthe’. She is one of the most sought after South Indian actresses.

Raai Laxmi Love Affairs, Relationships, Marriage

The actress Raai Laxmi love affairs have been under the media glare since long. At first Raai Laxmi was with Sreesanth then it was heard that she was dating MS Dhoni. The tabloids have made the most out of Raai Laxmi relationships with cricketers. Even today the biographies about MS Dhoni never fail to mention her. Raai Laxmi Mahendra Singh Dhoni relationship had been in 2009 after which she broke up and moved on.

The actress Raai Laxmi has went on record to say that since after MS Dhoni she has had 4 to 5 boyfriends. The relationship of Raai Laxmi and Srikanth did not gather as much attention as did the one with the captain of the Indian cricket team. She is one of those Kollywood actresses who have been associated with more than one cricketer.

Raai Laxmi love life always manages to increase curiosity and interest. The actress Raai Laxmi also said that there is nothing between her and MS Dhoni now as he has gotten married. The actress Raai Laxmi also said that she is not planning a wedding as work is her first priority. Raai Laxmi husband name has not been decided yet.

Raai Laxmi MS Dhoni love story has still not blown over and she dreads answering questions about it to her future kids one day. Raai Laxmi split with MS Dhoni was a highly covered event. Raai Laxmi was also seen playing cricket at a celebrity tournament. This was all about Raai Laxmi controversy. Raai Laxmi has gone through many breakups but hopefully the future husband of “Julie 2” movie actress will stay by her side forever.

Raai Laxmi Upcoming Movies

Raai Laxmi latest news is regarding her entry into Bollywood. There are as many as six Raai Laxmi new movies which are scheduled for 2016. Raai Laxmi next Bollywood film will probably announced soon once the present release gets good reviews. Raai Laxmi does not hesitate to do scenes in bikini and believes that it’s all part of the acting career. Some of Raai Laxmi latest hot videos have raised eyebrows but she remains unperturbed. Many have questioned Raai Laxmi kissing scenes but she has simply answered saying that the character and the story needed it.

Raai Laxmi Beauty Secrets

Raai Laxmi kiss are some of the most seen parts in YouTube. Raai Laxmi has a very sexy navel and does not shy away from showing it off. Raai Laxmi beauty secrets are to stay hydrated at all times. Raai Laxmi hairstyle keeps changing according to the roles she does. The interesting facts about Raai Laxmi are that she has already had 7 relationships so far. None of them have worked out for her. The actress Raai Laxmi was seen in Saree and was smoking hot in it. Raai Laxmi new look will be revealed in the film “Julie 2”.