Fifty(50) Shades of Grey Author E.L. James Biography, BooksThe British author Erika Leonard who is best known as E.L. James has written a couple of best-selling novels that have earned humongous popularity owing to the gist of the story line and magnificence of flow of writing. British author E.L. James biography gives brief information on her personal life and most importantly her writings and incredible interesting novels. She has highlighted personal niches of life in her erotic novels that have completed the trilogy with the last release of Fifty Shades of Freed. The trilogy also consists of Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker and has become copiously successful. Fifty shades of grey author E.L. James biography reveals the general interests and personal traits of this elite author and gives a brief introduction on her career and books. The biography of 50 shades of grey author E.L. James also highlights the bibliography of the author and showers light on the success of her books and writings.

British Author E. L. James Age, Full Name & Birthplace

The experienced and illustrious author E.L. James has garnered prodigious prominence for her combined novels that made a trilogy with the series of Fifty Shades. E.L. James birthplace is London in England, U.K. E.L. James date of birth is 7th March, 1963. E.L. James age is 51 years currently. E.L. James first name and E.L. James full name is Erika Leonard. Her erotic romance novels have set a mark of panache and have highlighted sensitive stigmas related to our sensuous life.

She has written novels on romance, fan fiction and erotica and each of the categories have received overwhelming appreciation and response from readers. 50 shades of grey author bio include her notable work includes Fifty Shades of Grey that has made outstanding selling of over 70 million copies.

She has also set a commendable record as the most quickly selling paperback of all time. Her books have created a phenomenal record and more than 70 million copies of some of her best novels have been sold out. These records have epitomized the 50 shades of grey author name as the bestsellers British authors.

Author E. L. James Family Background and Education

Erika Leonard was born as Erika Mitchell. E.L. James parents belonged from different backgrounds. She was born to a Scottish father and Chilean mother. E.L. James family background reflected a staunch wealthy family and she was raised in Buckinghamshire. She went to University of Kent and accomplished her studies in history. She also worked as the assistant of a studio manager at national film in Beaconsfield. Her work has inspired many young Indian authors like Chetan Bhagat and many more.

Author Erika Leonard James Wiki

In the year 2012 after the release of her last novel ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ she was acclaimed as one of most 100 influential people in the world by the august Time magazine. E. L. James wiki gives a vivid description of E. L. James book list. She had also worked as a television executive and is currently residing in west London.

She has bagged several awards and honors for her most notable work fifty Shades of Grey. 50 shades of grey author net worth have reached billions owing to the popularity of the novel that had stored the market internationally. 50 shades of grey author earnings have also touch a sumptuous amount. The novel has garnered 2012 National book awards as the most popular book of the year.

British Author E. L. James Books & Novels

The British author E. L. James has written novels on erotic romance and fan fiction as well. She had given the most popular work which being Twilight fan fiction eventually developed into the popular Fifty Shades of Grey. E.L. James 4th book 50 shades of grey had astounded her and greatly surprised by the world with its massive record-breaking fast selling all across the world.

E. L. James fifty shades of grey fourth book have made her one of the highest earning authors. 50 shades of grey author other books have not earned this great earning but they too have made records by selling more than 30 million copies. 50 shades of grey author website have been flooded with people’s responses and reviews on her books and writings. E.L. James blog shares her words on how surprised she was with the success of her novels. She had earned a humongous $95 million from her novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

E. L. James Upcoming Novels and Books

E. L. James has given the world amazing novels with intense erotica and fan fiction embellish the gist of it. Her trilogy combination is the milestone of her success and this has aroused the anticipation of all the readers for 50 shades of grey author new books and E.L. James upcoming books. Her last book was released in the year for which she has been anointed several prestigious and august awards and honors.

The readers are anxious to know when will E.L. James release her next book and have crossed fingers on E.L. James update. E.L. James novels list is mainly popular with the trilogy series that has given a raunchy look on lust and sensuousness. E.L. James first book and E.L. James first novel was fifty Shades of Grey that was released in the year 2011.

Some interesting news about E.L. James hidden novels had flared up owing to her silence since two years. Readers have got impatient and are perplexed wondering when will E.L. James next book coming out and when will E.L. James write another book as no such significant news about E.L. James new novels have shot in media. She has however told her intentions of giving more such amazing raunchy books highlighting hyper s** in her upcoming novels.

E. L. James Marriage & Husband Profile

Erika Leonard is married to a versatile director and dynamic screenwriter. E.L. James husband name is Niall Leonard and E.L. James marriage date is in the year 1987. Her husband is a popular and venerated film director who has been very co-operative throughout her wife’s novel works. Who is author E.L. James husband and is E.L. James married? was wondered by all her fans and readers.

Articles on E.L. James with her Irish husband have two wonderful kids whose pictures are also available on some common and author based websites after the release of her books. E.L. James Irish husband profile is mainly graced with his work in the film fraternity. She is blessed with a bundle of joy showered by her kids and no news has ever stirred E.L. James controversy. In an interview she has disclosed her information on family life and E.L. James daughter name as well.

She is relishing a happy married life with her understanding and friendly husband and there has been no issue stimulating E.L. James divorce. The author has highlighted some hyper lust in her novels that has captivated billions of readers worldwide but its involvements in her personal life are questionable.

News connected to Fifty Shades of Grey

The British author of the best-selling book of 2012 Fifty Shades of Grey E. L. James have earned colossally from the film made on her novel. There were news about E.L. James husband new book that is being anticipated by all her readers and fans. It was rumored that 50 shades of grey based on author’s husband and she had confronted an interview talking about the motivation behind her novels.

There were discussions on 50 shades of grey E.L. James Barnes and Noble as well and her novel had attracted blazing talk owing to the hyper s*x. There were certain questions raised on will E.L. James writing another book from Christian’s perspective? And some amusing rumors on E.L. James hidden novels and E.L. James husband Ryan Gosling wiki. However her life has been pretty placid and she is currently settling her mind to work on her upcoming novels.