Manish Malhotra Images, Bridal Collections, Wife Pics, SuitsManish Malhotra is an Indian fashion designer, widely renowned across the world for his fabulously mind blowing dresses. He has draped innumerable Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity stars over the period of his career. What people looks for in fashion designer Manish Malhotra biography is his journey from an ordinary person to a world renowned fashion designer. Of all his dresses collections, Manish Malhotra wedding collections was the most loved due to the great designs that were catalogued in Manish Malhotra bridal collection. However, no matter how expensive his clothes are, Manish Malhotra most expensive dress is his down-to-earth nature and his subtlety. Very little has been known about Manish Malhotra personal life, and so, there have been even lesser Manish Malhotra controversy. To sum it all up in a nutshell, it would be righteous to say that Manish Malhotra life history is a total mystery.

Manish Malhotra Wiki

Over the years we have seen innumerable celebrities wearing Manish Malhotra designs, but very few details about Manish Malhotra are known as far as his personal life is concerned. Nothing has ever been known about Manish Malhotra family background or his family members. However, Manish Malhotra fashion designer profile is filled with loads of awards and nominations that is enough to draw him ample attention.

Often Malhotra and Siddharth Malhotra relation is considered to be of brothers, but the two are not related at all in any way other than their surname. In fact, Manish Malhotra wiki too could only tell about his nephew in his family. So, it is better to clarify right away that Manish Malhotra brother Siddharth Malhotra is not a true rumour.

Manish Malhotra was born on 5th December, 1965 and so Manish Malhotra age is 48 years old. Nothing in specific can be said about Manish Malhotra height; however, this talented man has made many Bollywood celebs look taller. It is often believed that Manish Malhotra date of birth was one fine day owing to which the industry got such an enormous talent.

Fashion Designing Career of Manish Malhotra

Manish started his fashion designing career in the Bollywood in the year 1993 and since then, there has been no looking back. Some of his excellent works include Manish Malhotra designs for Kareena Kapoor, some of which could be seen lately with Manish Malhotra Kareena Kapoor bridal collection. The two have worked before together and the outcome was a gorgeously stunning Kareena Kapoor, wearing a Manish Malhotra dress.

It was not until Manish Malhotra first fashion show that more and more Bollywood artists wanted to hire him. The whole of the Bollywood industry was stunned when Manish Malhotra first collection ever came out to release. This first collection then led to Manish Malhotra first Filmfare award, and then several other Manish Malhotra awards ceremonies.

Since the time he entered Bollywood, Manish Malhotra Delhi fashion week was always a highlight. Apart from that, Manish Malhotra show at PCJ Delhi couture week is also one of the most loved shows of his. Other hit shows include Manish Malhotra Lilavati girl child show which was quite a media attention stealer. The whole thing got a little extravagant with a Manish Malhotra store in Delhi selling some really expensive yet worthy dresses. If you wish to visit anytime soon, Manish Malhotra Delhi store contact address can be easily found over the web.

Manish Malhotra Designs

Also, it is seen on several occasions that Manish Malhotra sarees are draped around beautiful ladies. These are one of his specialities. His other specialties include Manish Malhotra designer tunics that are to die for. The combination of modernity and grace is the right phrase. If you’re looking for any Manish Malhotra outfits for an occasion, designer suits by Manish Malhotra are a must to look out for. For more ethnic wears, designer sarees by Manish Malhotra are famous, needless to say.

When it comes to Hollywood, Manish Malhotra dressed stars like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. People loved the fact that Manish Malhotra Kate Moss partnership turned out so well with his impeccable designs and her gracious ways of carrying the dress. On other times Manish Malhotra Demi Moore could also be seen together when Demi wore a Manish Malhotra designed lehnga for a party in Jodhpur. Another notable partnership was that of Manish Malhotra and Cory Walia.

Future Prospects for Manish Malhotra

Bollywood celebrities, movie makers and of course his fans are always looking forward to Manish Malhotra new collections. At various times his works have earned him different awards such as Manish Malhotra masala awards, and so adding feathers to the hat of Manish Malhotra fashion designer history. People are eagerly waiting for Manish Malhotra new arrivals every season to revise their wardrobes.

With such a huge fan following and media hypes, it would be interesting to know what’s in store with Manish Malhotra upcoming events where once again his talent would be displayed. However, one thing that is sure is that his new collections would be loved just like all Manish Malhotra creations adding more charm and spice to Manish Malhotra fashion house.

Given the fact that he has established a successful career in Bollywood, it would be worth waiting for Manish Malhotra upcoming movies where he can show fans some more classy clothes. To this date, Manish Malhotra net worth is something not to be measured in amount but by the number of fans he has in Bollywood and otherwise.

Personal Life of Manish Malhotra

Not a lot is known about Manish Malhotra love affairs or even Manish Malhotra personal details for that matter. But Manish Malhotra scandals have said at few occasions about his personal life. Needless to say, Manish Malhotra love life was even more aloof. Several media hypes about Manish Malhotra girlfriend were seen in the past years, however, none of them have been proven so far. He has his name attached to various Bollywood actresses and often news headlines would speak of girlfriend of Manish Malhotra, with different names every time. As it is clear now, nothing about Manish Malhotra dating history is evidently known.

This obsession about his personal life grew so fast that people actually questioning that is Manish Malhotra gay? But while writing Manish Malhotra biography, we are not going to go into the sexual life of anyone.
Soon after The Manish Malhotra show was aired, there were suspected some feuds in Manish Malhotra Karan Johar relationship due to the similar pattern of their shows. However, Manish Malhotra images with Karan Johar later that month shunned away all the rumours.

Manish Malhotra Marriage, Wife

Well, as for his fans, they always want more of him and several times fans are wondering that is Manish Malhotra married? Not sure to say about anything, we are left at a cliff-hanger. In fact, the topic was so hotly debated that even fake Manish Malhotra wedding date was released and a little news about Manish Malhotra marriage had then again flew in the air.

It would be wrong to deny that we all are waiting to know about Manish Malhotra wife name, if there is any. And if there is, we would all love to see Manish Malhotra wife pics or pictures of Manish Malhotra with his wife. Till then, we can satisfy ourselves with Manish Malhotra models name that are carrying his art on their bodies.
Manish Malhotra’s success story says it all and we wish to see Manish Malhotra wife pregnant so as to solve the mystery that whether Manish Malhotra children imbibe the genes of their father.