Harry Styles Tattoos, Hairstyle, Girlfriends List, Family, Wedding, Wife Pics, HD WallpapersThe stories that denote rags to riches kind of a theme are always interesting. Such is the narrative of the English Singer-Songwriter Harry Styles Biography. The singer is part of a band named “One Direction” that has already released 5 albums since its inception. He has written hit songs like ‘taken’, ‘Summer Love’ and ‘Story of my Life’. Harry Styles is seen as one of the hottest singers in the music industry and this is also proved by the immense number of female fans that follow the songwriter on Twitter. He has become an integral part of the music industry as he has been active since 2010 and has also worked opposite singers like Ariana Grande and Gavin Degraw. The star has tasted such phenomenal success that he has also been mention in 5 books released separately. From a boy band to a global star, his story is definitely worth telling.

Harry Styles Age, Family, Wiki

The Biography of Harry Styles is an interesting read on the growing up years of a star. The family background of Harry Styles is that of farm laborers from Norfolk. His parents are Anne Cox, mother and Desmond Styles, father. The singer’s age is 22. His height is approximately 5 feet 7 inches. The date of birth of Harry Styles is 1st February, 1994.

He completed his primary education from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. His nationality is British. Although his birthplace is Redditch, Worcestershire but he was raised in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. Harry Styles wiki also mentions that is parents got divorced when he was just seven and later his mother had remarried. His middle name is Edward. He has an elder sister whose name is Gemma.

The award winning singer Harry Styles is a classic example how talent and hard-work wins over humble beginnings. If he had not auditioned for X Factor then he would have ended up being a physio as he had taken up A levels of law, sociology and business. He looks up to David Hasslehoff as one of his heroes.

Harry Styles Hit Songs, Album, Band Songs

The singer Harry Styles that is known today as a pop icon used to work part-time at a bakery in Holmes Chapel as his first job. The first song that Harry Styles wrote was ‘Taken’ in 2011 for the album ‘Up All Night’. On 11th April 2010 Harry Styles auditioned for the seventh series of the television show “X Factor”. But he went only so far and got eliminated. However his luck gave him another chance maybe because something about the boy must have appealed with Nicole Scherzinger. It was she who suggested putting him in a group and bringing them back and this “One Direction” was born.

During his early years he was the lead singer of the local band named White Eskimo that had also won a local War of the Bands competition. From that time there was no looking back. His song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ topped the UK charts. The entire group of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson were signed by Syco records for $2 million. Although they stood third in the show their song ‘Forever Young’ was leaked on the internet and it was an instant favorite.

In August 2013 a book named ‘One Direction: This is Us’ was released by Harper Collins. He has received the most number of awards based on being the people’s choice Hottie and his smile. The band’s latest song ‘Perfect’ has become a popular record and is also said to contain a line that is a jab at the singer’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The singing style of Harry Styles is pop. The latest album of the band is titled ‘Four’ which is indicative of the fact that one of the original members Zayn Malik has left the band. His single ‘Pillow Talk’ released around the same time as the Band’s hit single ‘Perfect’.

Harry Styles Girlfriend, Relationships, Marriage

Love affairs and Harry Styles are best friends or better put soul-mates. Harry Styles is the ultimate ladies’ man. He was known to publicly start dating the TV presenter Caroline Flack. This was immediately splashed all over the tabloids due to the 14 year age gap between the two. Soon after breaking up with her, he was known to be in a relationship with music icon Taylor Swift. This also lasted a year and soon the two split in 2013.

The singer-songwriter Harry Styles personal life is under the media’s scrutiny especially because his a long girlfriend list that contains names like Cara Delevingne, Nadine Leopold, Kendall Jenner, Emma Watson and most recently Taylor Swift. He was also allegedly dating Victoria’s Angel Georgia Fowler. There is no doubt that there are more girlfriends waiting to happen to Harry Styles.

This phase was pretty traumatic for the latter and has also allegedly written a song titled ‘Style’ which has broken chart records. A wedding is out of the question at this point of his career. He is much too young for a marriage and right now he is enjoying his popularity and riches. But surely his future will have something to be curious about his past relationships with so many stars.

Harry Styles Latest Buzz

The Latest news about the singer is that he had tried to hook up with Lindsay Lohan but was turned down. The net worth of Harry Styles is a whopping $23 million. He has been seen wrapped in more than one controversy due to his split with Taylor Swift. He is generally seen as a Casanova. He is pretty active on Instagram as well and has also won the Instagram celebrity of the year at one point in his career.

The popular British singer-songwriter Harry Styles story is much like that of Justin Bieber except the fact that Justin hails from Canada. A few interesting facts about him is that he supports the Labor Part and his major music influence comes from the Beatles, Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley.