Pierre Omidyar eBay House, Children, Wife Pics, WikiBillionaire at the age of mere 31, Pierre Omidyar; a French-Iranian-American person who is the authentic founder of eBay also holds the position of being the company’s chairman. Yes, eBay founder name is Pierre Omidyar. In 2004 he founded Omidyar Network with a sole purpose of increasing their hard work away from nonprofits to embrace for-profits. More about this person is essayed below which is eBay founder Pierre Omidyar biography which will also articulate eBay founder story and eBay founder foundation. This site also has biographies of entrepreneurs like Vijay Shekhar Sharma-Founder of Paytm App. Pierre Omidyar quotes many lines whenever we see this figure addressing or giving speech since he is appreciated for his innovative idea of eBay. This idea facilitated him to buy a house in Las Vegas too. The internet is burdened with new and cool pictures of eBay founder house Las Vegas.

Pierre Omidyar Age, Personal Details

Pierre Omidyar belongs to a rich family background. Pierre Omidyar birth place is Paris i.e. France he was brought from Iran by his parents. Pierre Omidyar age is 47 years currently. People around the world always wonder that who is the founder of eBay website and the answer is Pierre Omidyar. Pierre Morad Omidyar is actually Pierre Omidyar full name.

Pierre Omidyar date of birth is 21st June 1967. While a man of multi talents Omidyar also has multiple Nationalities i.e. this eBay owner nationality is American as well as Iranian. Son of Elahe Mir-Djalali Omidyar; who is a doctorate in linguistics is his mother. eBay owner Pierre Omidyar wiki hence is sufficient to tell that he is encumbered with huge talent. The eBay owner house is in Henderson, Nevada U.S.

eBay Owner Pierre Omidyar Wiki

Born to Iranian immigrants to Paris; Omidyar went to The Potomac School which is in McLean, Virginia. He was raised by his mother and father with utmost care and affection. He comes from a dignified family where his grandparents actually sent his parents to attend university in Paris and in between they gave birth to Pierre. In the biography of eBay founder this information is very important since it builds a base.

Pierre Omidyar graduated in 1984 from St. Andrew’s Episcopal School again in Potomac but in Maryland. However in all his schooling days he had a different proclivity towards computers so he decided to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tuffs University in Medford, Massachusetts which he completed in 1988. These are all Pierre Omidyar Personal Details.

eBay Founder Pierre Omidyar Career, Net Worth

Pierre Omidyar success story is what populace wants to know and he shares it candidly. Undoubtedly a huge business stature and philanthropist didn’t embark on becoming an Internet industrialist. But surely the launch of eBay, a multi-billionaire online auction company admitted him in this dream. Started in 1995, at first he fashioned code for an internet page called Auction Web. This personal website of his enabled people to list their necessary or unnecessary items for public sale.

Biography of eBay founder thus is quite straightforward but difficulty is his path was never less. Soon the website grew unexpectedly and so many buyers and sellers started using his website that he without any further delay set up a separate site which he called eBay and thus eBay founder hooks at people’s eye. He started charging 25 cents to 2 dollars for posting a simple notice on his website where in he earned a lot. He also used to take a diminutive percentage of the trade. And now eBay founder net worth is fairly gigantic because of this simple initiative.

Pierre Omidyar Marriage, Wife, Children

Pierre Omidyar love life is rather simple since he is a happily married person with 3 kids. Pierre Omidyar wife name is Pamela Kerr. He and his wife, both is philanthropist and hence Pierre Omidyar Pamela Kerr love story is quite predictable since they share similar interest. Pierre Omidyar wife Pamela Ker is keen with her family. Pierre Omidyar wedding pics is what people are fascinated in.

People are quite affirming with Pierre Omidyar wife profile and pics and Pierre Omidyar daughter. Internet is not loaded with pictures of Pierre Omidyar with his wife nor Pierre Omidyar children which subtly points that they are a small family who like to stay unnoticed. However Pierre Omidyar dating history may or may not be huge but now he is a content man with his little and blissful family. Hence this concludes that Pierre Omidyar salary is suitably handsome.

Pierre Omidyar New Projects

Pierre Omidyar foundation is his recent project which he named as Omidyar Network. eBay founder new media venture which he announced in 2013 and would be financing First Look Media is a joint venture of Pierre Omidyar and Glenn Greenwald along with Jeremy and Laura Poitras.

In recent five years he and his wife have been sincerely dedicated to Humanity United foundation and at least empowered 115 million dollars which is suppose to fund the nonprofit of antislavery. They also help projects in several countries including Nepal.

However in 2010 Mr. Pierre Omidyar commenced investigative reporting news tune-up online named Honolulu Civil beat in Hawaii. This eBay founder news site was Hawaii and has been named Best News Website in Hawaii for uninterrupted 3 years. This eBay founder Hawaii community foundation helps people across the world. Pierre Omidyar Next Project is not revealed yet but soon we may see this tycoon turning new wheels.