Natasa Stankovic Husband Photos, Lucean Muntean Images, Dj Waley Babu Actress Hot Photos, Bigg Boss 8Our actions are mirror images of our personality and they speak of what we are. Natasa Stankovic, the actress in the song DJ Wale is a top model in the Bollywood industry who has set new dimensions on the dance floor. Her moves speak fathoms about her talent and she knows exactly how to pitch herself in this glamour industry. This topic is on “Dj Wale Babu” actress Natasa Stankovic biography. Her ambitions are very high which is well understood from the confidence that she carries around herself, her body language speaks a lot about the way she takes on challenges. Upcoming are Natasa Stankovic new songs in the Bollywood industry as she has set her foot right, and she is already famous for the song. As stunning and beautiful she is, she is also very sexy and hot.

Natasa Stankovic Age, Family, Wiki

There are several Natasa Stankovic hot photos as she does regular shoots for magazines. As a model Natasa Stankovic model profile has been awesome. She started modelling in Serbia and came to India in the year 2012. Lately there have been numerous questions with regard to Natasa Stankovic personal life. The “Dj Wale Babu” actress name is Natasa Stankovic and the singer name is Aastha Gill. Aastha Gill is also lesser known to the public while she is the singer of this song.

Natasa Stankovic in the “Dj Wale Babu” song is looking very beautiful and she has played her role in the most efficient way. Natasa Stankovic modelling career started from the age of 17 and she began it while being in Serbia and she started modelling in India in the year 2012. Natasa Stankovic family background is good and respectable. Not much is known about Natasa Stankovic parents and the model Natasa Stankovic age is 37 years old. It is known that Natasa Stankovic height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

Model Natasa Stankovic date of birth is 4th of March 1977. Natasa Stankovic education started at University of Arts, department of photography and videography in Bucharest, Romania and she did her post graduation from university of arts in Belgrade, Serbia in photography. Although she was born in Serbia but Natasa Stankovic nationality is Indian. She is very gorgeous and beautiful, therefore, so many people search Natasa Stankovic bikini wallpapers over the internet.

Model Natasa Stankovic Songs, Movies

Natasa Stankovic item songs include “Aiyo Ji Hamri Atariya Mein” from the movie “Satyagraha” and the “Dj Wale Babu” video song. Bollywood films “Satyagraha” and “Holiday” were Natasa Stankovic movies in which she did an item song and a cameo appearance respectively. Some hot Natasa Stankovic images can be found on various magazines and over the internet as she is very sexy and beautiful.

Model Natasa Stankovic wiki page exists and it is quite interesting to read that. Lately there has also been a lot of gossip regarding Natasa Stankovic love affairs since she came to participate as a contestant in Bigg boss season 8. Actress Natasa Stankovic first song was in the form of an item song in the film “Satyagraha”. Natasa Stankovic Bollywood songs have been quite popular as the actress of “Dj Wale Babu” song.

Natasa Stankovic Reality Shows, Gossips

The actress Natasa Stankovic love life has been a centre of speculation and gossip for a long time now and people have spreads various rumours about her. Natasa Stankovic body measurements are unknown to anyone but they are a worth of credit and she has a long way to go with them. Actress Natasa Stankovic dance performances have been terrific and they are worth of lots of praises.

As a contestant Natasa Stankovic in Bigg Boss 8 was evicted and she faced a lot of problems as she did not know Hindi. Natasa Stankovic Bollywood debut was in the form of the item song in the film “Satyagraha” but she has not debuted in any Bollywood film as an lead actress. Anyway Natasa Stankovic upcoming songs are a matter of speculation as you never know who might turn up.

Natasa Stankovic Affairs, Dating, Boyfriend

The “Dj Wale Babu” actress biography can be related to the biography of any modern day model or actress. Actress and model Natasa Stankovic dating Ali Goni was a matter of great surprise in the industry and there was a lot of fuss regarding this issue. Natasa Stankovic controversy is like that of any other actress who is still on the rise. Publicity stunts and controversies are a part of their daily life. The model Natasa Stankovic Instagram profile has many followers from all over the world.

The model Natasa Stankovic bio data is available here and it can also be read from the Wikipedia page. Actress Natasa Stankovic and Ali Goni relationship came to a tragic end and they had begun dating each other in September 2014. Natasa Stankovic and Ali Goni love story did fail but they are happy about it. Natasa Stankovic boyfriend Ali Goni is an Indian actor and model. Apparently there are no Natasa Stankovic kissing scenes and Natasa Stankovic split with Ali Goni was a tragic one. The model Natasa Stankovic ex-boyfriend is Ali Goni with whom she split up recently.

Natasa Stankovic Lucean Muntean Love Story, Marriage

The model Natasa Stankovic boyfriend as of now is Lucean Muntean. Natasa Stankovic photo shoots are also very popular in India. The model Natasa Stankovic new look has been a hot topic of discussion lately in the industry as she was mostly raised in foreign. Natasa Stankovic personal details have been revealed to anyone and there is hardly any clue related to it.

Natasa Stankovic Lucean Muntean love story started in 2005 as both the couples were childhood friends. Recently, the gorgeous model Natasa Stankovic with his spouse Lucean Muntean founded an independent documentary film production house named “LUNAM Docs” which is based on social justice and human rights. Model Natasa Stankovic wedding date has not been finalized yet and Natasa Stankovic husband will surely be Lucean Muntean.

Natasa Stankovic Latest Songs, Buzz

Natasa Stankovic latest news includes that being her controversies. Natasa Stankovic and Aastha Gill net worth is unknown. Natasa Stankovic live performances have not been yet heard of as she is primarily into film making and photo shoots. The “Dj Wale Babu” actress hot images can be found all over the internet and as such she is a topic of discussion among male peers.

The actress Natasa Stankovic latest songs are yet to come. Lately it has come to light that Natasa Stankovic and Salman Khan are good friends now and he has been giving her dieting tips. Generally people made gossips that is Natasa Stankovic married or not. The answer is no but she is planning to marriage soon and the “Dj Wale Babu” actress husband name will be Lucean Muntean.