Mohammed Shami Wife Image, Hasin Jahan Photos, Wife NameHasin Jahan is a Kolkata based model and is married to Mohammed Shami, an Indian cricketer. Often people look out for Mohammed Shami wife name as she is not that famous. However, this biography of Hasin Jahan will consist of information from her personal life and Hasin Jahan personal details. This is why cricketer Mohammed Shami wife Hasin Jahan biography is diverse and filled with several big news this year like her marriage to the Indian bowling sensation. Although, there is no Hasin Jahan wiki as of now but it is expected that she will soon be quite a public figure. As far as Hasin Jahan beauty secrets are concerned, there’s a saying that what goes into a model can never exactly be known. So we should leave it up to that. But Hasin Jahan hot pics will clearly show that she is a beautiful woman and you can also download Hasin Jahan images from the web. And as stunning as these Hasin Jahan HD images are, you can have it as your wallpaper too.

Hasin Jahan Age, Family

While Hasin Jahan personal life is actually a private affair, we have managed to gather some information about Hasin Jahan parents and her family. To speak about Hasin Jahan family background, she comes from a Muslim family and since Hasin Jahan birthplace is Kolkata, she is basically a Muslim-Bengali but Hasin Jahan religion continues to be Islam.

Her father is a businessman in the transport industry and is well known in Kolkata. Although, Hasin Jahan date of birth is not exactly known, but Mohammed Shami wife age is estimated at about 28 years. However, being a model, Hasin Jahan height is quite impressive and this adds to the overall Hasin Jahan profile.

Often people wonder that what is Hasin Jahan job or profession; well, now you know that she is a professional model. Though, Hasin Jahan career is not much of a success as of now. But Hasin Jahan education is good enough to get her a decent lifetime income. As a result, we do not have a detailed Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami wife bio-data, but we wish there is one really soon.

Mohammed Shami Hasin Jahan Wedding

While Mohammed Shami wife photos are just good enough to blow off your minds, the couple looks stunning together. Now Hasin Jahan is better known as Mohammed Shami wife as the couple married on May 6th, 2014. However, Mohammed Shami Hasin Jahan love story began just like any other lovers, two years back. The two met each other and fell in love, which later turned Hasin Jahan into wife of Mohammed Shami.

Since Mohammed Shami is a well-known public personality now, Hasin Jahan biography majorly consists of their marriage. The event was so big that Mohammed Shami wife wiki wasn’t needed to tell that Mohammed Shami married to Hasin Jahan by the middle of 2014. Hasin Jahan cricket match images will clearly show that she attended most of his matches ever since they met.

The couple looks adorable together and this was once noticed when Hasin Jahan in Australia was spotted during a test match of Shami. Since then, Mohammed Shami Hasin Jahan relation has received much attention despite the fact that they kept their marriage a secret until June 7th, 2014, at the reception of their wedding.

After this, there were frequent pictures of Mohammed Shami with his wife and it looks like Hasin Jahan married the man of her dreams. As Hasin Jahan’s exact date of birth is unknown, it is unlikely to quote Mohammed Shami Hasin Jahan age difference but they look too cute together for that to matter. Their decency and adorability could be witnessed when Hasin Jahan in cricket matches came as an audience.

Hasin Jahan in Controversies

Like other cricketer’s wives, Hasin Jahan controversy was ought to happen and the gossip about Hasin Jahan Sakshi Dhoni being real close friends was never confirmed. She was also involved in Hasin Jahan Radhika Dhopavkar incident which received much heed than it should have. Another time when she made it to the news was when Hasin Jahan Preethi Narayanan got into a cold war, and later this happened again with Hasin Jahan Natasha Jain.

But all of this ended with the news of marriage of Hasin Jahan Mohammed Shami by the mid-2014. In the midst of all this, she was also compared with Kyly Clarke, wife of Australian cricketer, as these two women are models and both their husbands are cricketers as well.

Hasin Jahan Marriage, Husband, Children

Even though Hasin Jahan husband name is quite renowned, Hasin Jahan husband Mohammed Shami has been a little off the field since his marriage, and his father explains that it doesn’t bother him. Being the husband of Hasin Jahan, a lady as beautiful as sunshine, has been a real privilege for Shami as of now.

The chemistry and spark between the two can be seen in Mohammed Shami Hasin Jahan wedding photos which are easy to find on the web. In fact, Hasin Jahan husband wiki will also confirm about the couple looking gorgeous together at their wedding date. He looked perfect in his light coloured Sherwani and Hasin Jahan husband photos can tell how expensive it must be. But there is simply no comparison of Hasin Jahan with her husband in their wedding pictures.

As of now, there are no Hasin Jahan children as the couple was recently married. But we look forward to some excellent news about Mohammed Shami wife pregnant so as to see that whether their kids choose to be in sports or in the glamour world. But as the media works, there have been alleged rumours about Hasin Jahan pregnant again, let alone the first time and then again, Hasin Jahan divorce rumours have also passed the air for a little while.