Siddharth Sagar Girlfriend, Wiki, AgeComedians have a unique and special talent to lighten mood and enrapture the ambience. They come up with spectacular performances and hilarious jokes that leave you all cheered up and thus enliven the aura. Siddharth Sagar is a rising Indian comedian who has been anointed with the winning crown of the show “Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe” which played a key role in framing his career and paved way for future success. Owing to this comedian Siddharth Sagar biography has been the interest of all his growing fans and they are curious to know about comedy circus ke ajoobe winner Siddharth Sagar personal details and his professional advancements and future work. His versatility on comedy and humor has left everyone speechless about his performance and has adorned his career. He has teamed up with famous and established comedians like Sudesh Lehri and Krushna Abhishek. This biography of standup comedian Siddharth Sagar shall unveil various details about his personal and professional life and also give information on Siddharth Sagar comedy shows. He is a rising gem in the world of talented comedians and is gracing his career with some television shows and offers.

Siddharth Sagar Age, Family Details

Comedian Siddharth Sagar has shot into public eye after winning the prestigious and much popular comedy show title “Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe”. The currently trending comedian Siddharth Sagar is born in Delhi and has currently shifted to Mumbai for his career. Siddharth Sagar date of birth is 25th August, 1991. Siddharth Sagar age is 23 years currently. The comedian rose to feat with the success of “Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe” but he had been doing stage performances since a very young age.

Siddharth Sagar family background is extremely and ethical Indian family and they have helped Siddharth pursue his dream and become a prominent personality. Siddharth Sagar height is 5 feet and 7 inches and he bears a n average and pleasing personality but his performance and delivery style has enthralled and amused spectators. Siddharth Sagar comedy is a treat to watch and is indeed mind-freshening and commendable performance. He has appeared in a couple of TV shows so far and is anticipating to make it in big in both tinsel and B-town.

Comedian Siddharth Sagar Wiki

Siddharth Sagar started his stage performances since he was 8 years old. His little innocent performances had won away hearts right then and fostered his belief and confidence to venture in bigger world. Siddharth Sagar wiki talks about Siddharth Sagar debut TV show and his gradual progress. “Comedy Circus Chinchpokli to China” was Siddharth Sagar first comedy show.

He appeared in the show when he was only 3 years old. The show was aired on Sony TV and his performance was well-received by all audiences and spectators. This encouraged him to participate in other shows and try his luck into competitions. There after he has participated in a number of comedy shows and has been showered with laudable comments.

Comedian Siddharth Sagar Comedy Shows

Comedian Siddharth Sagar embarked on his career since 2009 and within a span of less than a decade he has garnered unimaginable fame and success. Siddharth Sagar comedian profile is graced with his comedy shows and hilarious performances. His presentation skill and delivery style marks the splendor of humor and thus enraptures the ambience all around. After “Comedy Circus Chinchpokli to China” Siddharth Sagar did his next comedy show” Chhote Miyan Bade Miyan” during the same year 2009. “Laughter Ke Phatke” and Comedy Circus ke Ajoobe” are some of Siddharth Sagar TV shows.

Siddharth Sagar in comedy circus had paired up with Sudesh Lehri and Krushna Abhishek. The performances of Siddharth Sagar and Krushna Abhishek and Siddharth Sagar and Sudesh Lehri were incredibly great and hilarious. The videos of Siddharth Sagar best performance in the show has been uploaded in couple of sites. The videos have received numerous likes and tweets and he has emerged as one of the most talked about and celebrated comedian of the nation. He won the show and this victory invited more of Siddharth Sagar upcoming TV shows. He has also appeared in “Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali” in which he played his self-character.

Comedian Siddharth Sagar TV Shows

He has cracked amazing jokes and given astounding hilarious performances. Siddharth Sagar dance in some of his performances have also added to the panache of his comedy. Siddharth Sagar and Bharti in the show and their performance is a must watch treat. Bharti had been superstar Rajnikant’s wife while the star comedian himself played the role of Rajnikant.

People were also anticipating Siddharth Sagar as Saseeruddin Shah and Siddharth Sagar as Salman Khan in the show which might be aired in the future episodes. Apart from these acts there have been other acts in the show. The act of Siddharth Jadav was a slight monotonous and boring one and many even gets confused with the names of Siddharth Sagar as Siddharth Jadhav. While their performances draws a fine line of definition of their acts and performances. He also played the most prominent role in the horror comedy TV show “Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh” which is aired on SAB TV. Apart from TV shows he has also been the host of “Sab Ke Anokhe Awards”.

Comedian Siddharth Sagar Personal Life

Commedian Siddharth Sagar has set a mark of fame and brilliance owing to his winning performances and amazing comedy presentations. Siddharth Sagar comedian biography has already talked about his wiki and professional life but now it shall talk about Siddharth Sagar personal life and Siddharth Sagar love affairs. People have been aware of his marvelous career and comedy. There are some who are also wondering about Siddharth Sagar girlfriend name or Siddharth Sagar wife. The comedian is all focused on his growing career and hence no news about Siddharth Sagar love life and Siddharth Sagar marriage has been cooked.

The comedian is growing big and we hope he soon finds his soulmate to spread joys in his life like he elates others. Though there haven’t been any rumors and crispy gossips about girlfriend of Siddharth Sagar but there have been some rumored talks about Siddharth Sagar in films. Though there haven’t been confirmation about it but media leave no stone unturned to grasp entire details and shall thus enlighten you on it.