Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen, Photos, Girlfriend, Wedding, Family, Wife PicsFabiano Luigi Caruana is an Italian-American chess player and Fabiano Caruana ranking has been at 2nd number at various times in the history of the sport. Apart from exceptional Fabiano Caruana playing style, the thing that he is most famous for is his young age. As Fabiano Caruana photos would reveal, he is really that young and Fabiano Caruana age is only 23 years. From an even younger age, Fabiano Caruana chess records have astounded the world and so, world no. 2 chess player name has made history and inspired many. In this chess player Fabiano Caruana biography by Youth Developers, we will try to focus on his personal life as well as it is very less known. Therefore, this biography of Fabiano Caruana will cover various aspects of his life including Fabiano Caruana family background. Read on to know more:

Fabiano Caruana Age, Family, Wiki

As Fabiano Caruana parents belonged to different cultures, he is partially Italian and partially American. Born in the year 1992, Fabiano Caruana date of birth is 30th July. Just like Fabiano Caruana wiki would confirm, he was born in Miami, Florida, USA and so, Fabiano Caruana nationality is shared by Italy and America.

While Fabiano Caruana education is not much known of, Fabiano Caruana height is usually measured in the terms of success he has achieved in his professional career. On the internet, one can easily find Fabiano Caruana images that show how aggressive a player he is.

Professional Career of Fabiano Caruana

As of today, Fabiano Caruana peak ratings are 2844 and so, Fabiano Caruana chess player profile is pretty amazing. Now to speak of Fabiano Caruana first chess tournament, he started at a very young age and by the age of 14, he had the title of Grandmaster to his name. Achievements like these make world no. 2 chess player Fabiano Caruana bio data something very inspiring to the aspiring chess players.

Of all the matches that he has been a part of, Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen is always a delight to watch. Magnus Carlsen is a world level chess player and is often undefeated. Fabiano Caruana chess games with Magnus are the ones that are to be watched out by the fans of the two.

Fabiano Caruana Chess Games

Apart from the competition with Magnus, Fabiano Caruana Vs Anish Giri is also a world renowned match that could not let the viewer get diverted. More such matches include Fabiano Caruana vs Levon Aronian played in the November of 2008. Although Fabiano lost to Aronian, the match is fondly remembered of.

In June 2015, the match of Fabiano Caruana vs Vishwanathan Anand ended in a tie. His fans are also fond of Vassily Ivanchuk vs Fabiano Caruana, whenever that happens and of Fabiano Caruana vs Hikaru Nakamura as well as that is the match most compelling on both the parties.

As of today, Fabiano Caruana net worth is in billions and that too, at such a young age. Fabiano Caruana house is currently in Switzerland but he keeps moving time and again. For more Fabiano Caruana latest news, you can always follow Fabiano Caruana Twitter account as well as subscribe yourself to Fabiano Caruana official website.

Personal Life of Fabiano Caruana

It seems like Fabiano Caruana love affairs are too soon to be talked about as he is young and focussed on his career. However, Fabiano Caruana love life has never also been shared publically. Sure, Fabiano Caruana dating life is active and that Fabiano Caruana girlfriend might exist in some part of the world, but we have no reliable source to confirm that.

Also, there is practically no Fabiano Caruana controversy as his profession is very neat. Well, seems like we’ll have to wait to know more about Fabiano Caruana relationships from the man himself. As far as Fabiano Caruana marriage is concerned, that seems fairly off the table for many more years. So, the question about Fabiano Caruana wife name or Fabiano Caruana wedding date stands moot.