Ella Eyre Gravity Sunglasses, Songs, Albums, Hot Pics, BoyfriendSinging is an art that not everyone can master. For the most part of it singers also double as songwriters. Some of the famous personalities who have tasted success in this category are Taylor swift and British singer Ella Eyre biography of which will be about the details of Ella Eyre hit singles and Ella Eyre album songs. The singer and songwriter has hit success with Ella Eyre new songs and that has made people more aware of her and peeking into Ella Eyre personal life. Ella Eyre new album is “If I Go” and its success cluttered the internet with Ella Eyre HD wallpapers and hot Ella Eyre photos. The biography of British singer Ella Eyre is the following article and gives all the information that the fan wants to know. Struggling to fame is not an easy task in the music industry and English singer Ella Eyre bio data has shown that she has flawlessly managed to weather the storm.

Singer Ella Eyre Age, Personal Details

The background of this singer is impressive and she has really made it big at quite young an age. Ella Eyre family background is quite interesting as her father is a chef and as for her mother, well she is a fashion designer. Their descent of Ella Eyre parents is also very mixed and they have Afro-American, Scottish and Jamaican blood in their genes.

The singer Ella Eyre age is only 20 as of now and Ella Eyre height is 5 feet & 3 inches. The songwriter Ella Eyre date of birth is April 1 of 1994. There are some really Ella Eyre hot pics that will make any girl envy her but those are not showcased in Ella Eyre wiki. Ella Eyre education happened in Millfield school primarily and later on at the Brit school of performing arts.

She is educated in musical theatre. The singer Ella Eyre nationality is British and she has no Ella Eyre siblings. Ella Eyre first song was ‘no angels’ which was featured in 2012 in the a band’s album called the ‘Mixtape’.

Singer Ella Eyre Wiki, Hit Songs

The year of 2015 is going to be a very important one for Ella Eyre and Olly Murs Ella for 2 reasons. One is that the ‘never been better’ tour is going on which is quite well received and secondly the former’s Ella Eyre if i go album will be launched soon. Ella Eyre live lounge 2014 at BBC created a buzz on her comeback for the ‘even more music’ month where she performed ‘waiting all night’ and ‘rudimentary’.

Ella Eyre live dates are already out for this year and she will be at Earlham Park, Norwich on 23rd and 24th of May, 2015 at UK. The singer Ella Eyre live concerts are soon to happen starting this month, the second destination is Heaton Park, Manchester, UK next month on 6th and 7th. The songwriter Ella Eyre live performances will happen on 24th to 28th June at Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK. Ella Eyre deeper song was released in the year 2013 and did quite well.

Ella Eyre next song was “If I Go” released in 2014, which will be followed by the singer Ella Eyre upcoming songs of 2015. The singer Ella Eyre personal details are not much known in detail however it is known that Ella Eyre and DJ fresh collaborated to make the song “Gravity” which is out now. Ella Eyre and Sam Smith were featured at the MOBO’s in 2014. Ella Eyre and Chloe Howl as well as Sam Smith were selected for the very prestigious BRIT critics’ choice awards.

Singer Ella Eyre Relationships, Love Affairs

Ella Eyre waiting all night song could be for a failed singer Ella Eyre love affairs but the English singer Ella Eyre biography that she is much too young to have a Ella Eyre love life going by the fact that Ella Eyre first album came out when she is aged just 21 and her fans are waiting with bated breath to experience Ella Eyre album songs. Although critics are quite sure that Ella Eyre hit songs will make it to the top charts of billboards.

The singer Ella Eyre boyfriend is speculated to be Lewi Morgan who was spotted with her at the launch of the brand new 4DX experience at Cineworld. Both of them scored a No. 1 the previous year with the song me and my broken heart. Since she has just stepped into the industry Ella Eyre net worth is increasing gradually. Originally by Olly Murs, Ella Eyre never been better tour will also be performing.

Singer Ella Eyre Dating, Boyfriend

Ella Eyre new album release date is in 2015 and in the meanwhile she is happy dating the Rixton starry eyed hunk Ella Eyre dating Lewi Morgan. The much talked about singer Ella Eyre relationship with Rixton drummer Lewi Morgan has got all the cameras rolling in their wake. But one thing is for sure, both Ella Eyre boyfriend Lewi Morgan look sparkling together.

The boyfriend of singer Ella Eyre is much too happy to have this talented young woman by his side. There is no Ella Eyre split with Lewi Morgan because the duo of Ella Eyre with her boyfriend is still seen all the time in public gatherings and social parties. The internet is a buzz with Ella Eyre boyfriend pics and there is no news of Ella Eyre Lewi Morgan breakup.

Singer Ella Eyre Marriage Gossips

The singer Ella Eyre marriage will obviously not happen now, since she has embarked upon an illustrious career and therefore Ella Eyre wedding date is not yet fixed. It is yet to see if the current boyfriend of hers will last to turn into Ella Eyre husband name. Ella Eyre tour dates are mentioned above and the singer Ella Eyre tour tickets are still on sale in various online sites.

The husband of singer Ella Eyre is not yet known as she is only in the dating phase and is not yet of age to marry and make headlines with Ella Eyre latest news, however a breakup will lead to a singer Ella Eyre controversy but we don’t want that, or do we?