Shappi Khorsandi Comedy DVDs, Books, Husband Pics, Concert TicketsThe definition of entertainment has altered over the decades and a new wave of comedy has arrived with hilarious amusing styles to please and entertain the spectators and viewers. Many Comedians have made it large in this field and Shappi Khorsandi comedy shows are highly appreciated. She is an Iranian born stand-up Comedian who has significantly carved out her name like Sara Schaefer, Nikki Glaser, Aisling Bea, etc.; and has emerged successful in her scintillating career. There have been many British female comedians who have strived hard to engage the eyes of several towards their amusing style of comedy. Some have failed while some have emerged stupendously victorious. Shappi Khorsandi comedian profile is one of the most celebrated profiles who has worked is many comedy shows and has been anointed with many honorable awards and recognitions. The rise of this amazing comedian has got her fans curious about biography of comedian Shappi Khorsandi. Here is a brief genuine detail covering some of the most significant aspects of her life and career.

Comedian Shappi Khorsandi Age, Family

The august personality Shappi Khorsandi has witnessed numerous struggles in her life and career bit her unwavering confidence has tenacity has got her established in an ambience of fame and success. British Iranian comedian Shappi Khorsandi biography is informative about Shappi Khorsandi family and Shappi Khorsandi personal life. She was born to an Iranian family in Tehran. It was the time of Islamic revolution when Shappi Khorsandi parents embraced the little girl in their arms and fled from Iran to London.

The publication of Shappi’s father’s poem had invited critical reactions during the revolutionary period. Shappi Khorsandi date of birth is June 8th, 1973. Comedian Shappi Khorsandi age is 41 years old. She is the daughter of famous poet Hadi Khorsandi and after the incident she had been raised without practicing any religion. Shappi Khorsandi nationality is Iranian but she has seen all her youth and adult life in London.

Comedian Shappi Khorsandi Education, Personal Details

Shappi Khorsandi has acquired her education from London. Shappi Khorsandi education has been acquired from the prestigious Winchester University from King’s Alfred’s College in the year 1995. Standup comedian Shappi Khorsandi bio data also includes an elite degree in Television, drama and theatre. Later she pursued her career in comedy. Unlike many British female stand-up comedians she acquired her education in comedy and in the year 2010 she had been laurelled with an honorary doctorate from Winchester University.

Her amazing sense of humor amalgamated with her confident and glazing personality adds glamor to her. Shappi Khorsandi height is 5 feet and 7 inches and Shappi Khorsandi hot pics have received many hits and tweets and raised popularity for Shappi Khorsandi twitter profile. She went on to make a mark in her career and worked in many TV shows and series.

British Comedian Shappi Khorsandi Wiki

Shappi Khorsandi is a notable and prominent stand-up comedian who has been identified and appreciated by many venerated personalities. Shappi Khorsandi wiki got its pace after working with TV shows and programmes. She had been a celebrated performer all through the year 1997 at the Joe Wilson’s comedy Madhouse. She has also inspired many famous British female comedians to take up the challenging career as a comedian. She has appeared on many hit shows and programmes like Quote…unquote, Just a minute, Loose Ends, Midweek etc.

Shappi Khorsandi comedy DVDs for Shappi Khorsandi TV shows had also been released in the market. Her BBC radio programmes mentioned earlier have witnessed humongous people’s support and affection. In the year 2009 she had hosted 4-part series and also a talk on the BBC Radio4. She is also an occasional writer at the magazine

Shappi Khorsandi Comedy Tours

Iran born British comedian Shappi Khorsandi has worked in numerous programmes and each of them has marked success and fame. She also visits different nations and sets up tours to entertain people of different corners. Shappi Khorsandi tour dates get announced well in advance to let people make their prior bookings and relish her comedy talks and shows.

Shappi Khorsandi first comedy show and Shappi Khorsandi first comedy tour in her tours was organized in Australia in the year 2007. The Melbourne comedy festival graced her show “Asylum Speaker”. Later she has also appeared in other talk shows like Rove. Shappi Khorsandi comedy festival had been appreciated and hence invites more of her tours and shows. She had also been nominated for the venerated Chortle awards in the year 2007.

Shappi Khorsandi TV Shows, Concerts

In the year 2008 Shappi Khorsandi also appeared on many TV shows alongside Al Murray and Russel Kane. She has also appeared on famous shows like 8 out of 10 cats, Michael Mclntyre’s comedy roadshow, Friday night with Jonathan Ross, etc. Shappi Khorsandi live comedy shows and Shappi Khorsandi live concerts have garnered appreciation and support. She has performed in distracted activist at the Edinburgh festival fringe in the month of August in the year 2009 was another commendable milestone.

Shappi Khorsandi Soho theatre is another must mention from her career. Shappi Khorsandi upcoming comedy shows and Shappi Khorsandi next comedy tour occurred in the later years. She was a panelist in the year 2006 at the show Question Time. She had also performed in the 2nd episode of “Let’s dance for sport relief” in the year 2010. Khorsandi has taken part in numerous other shows for raising funds for distressed and abandoned. She had also been a part of the Channem4’s comedy gala which was a benefit show for the aid of Great Ormond street children’s hospital.

Shappi Khorsandi net worth had certainly been raised owing to Shappi Khorsandi funny one liners and Shappi Khorsandi concert tickets but the true appreciation was received when she was anointed with £59,000 for her charities done through her shows like “The celebrity bank job” in channel 4. She is also an active member at “The Arts Emergency service” which is a charity working for delivering education to the poor and deprived. Recently she was seen on the Blame game on February 5th, 2014, hosted by Tim Mcgurray.

Comedian Shappi Khorsandi Books

Shappi Khorsandi has set an aura of brilliance in comedy shows and live concerts and have amazed people with her clean humor and one-liners. She has also penned hilarious quotes and extracts and has been an occasional writer. Shappi Khorsandi tour tickets of comedy show in London have garnered humongous and notable success in her career but unlike other funny British female comedians she has not confined herself to shows and performances alone but has also taken interest in inking brilliant lines and quotes.

Shappi Khorsandi new book “A Beginner’s Guide to Acting English” is an amazing piece of work. In this book she has highlighted the notable and significant difference between English and Iranian language. She has also expressed love and respect for her father in her book.

Shappi Khorsandi books and writings have shared her experiences with the British culture and customs and has also spoken about the difficulties that she had encountered due to the war between Iran and Iraq. She is not a writer by profession but she has it in her blood.

Shappi Khorsandi Marriage, Husband, Kids, Divorce

Shappi Khorsandi has made people roll into laughter with sounds clattering through walls of the huge halls and also around the TV curtains. British comedian Shappi Khorsandi biography has shared genuine and significant information about her early life and career while her personal details have not yet been highlighted which includes details about Shappi Khorsandi love affairs and her love life. She got married to a fellow comedian and also has a son with him. There was never a tint of Shappi Khorsandi controversy regarding her relationship. She was in love and married in the year 2005.

Shappi Khorsandi husband name is Christian Reilly. Shappi Khorsandi husband Christian Reilly is a comedian and both of them shared the common interest and career objectives. Shappi Khorsandi Christian Reilly love story flourished over the years and Shappi Khorsandi with her husband enjoyed the sacred journey of marriage. However it was extremely disappointing when Shappi Khorsandi split with Christian Reilly in the year 2010.

Currently she lives with her child in West London. Shappi Khorsandi son stays with his mother near Richmond park. Shappi Khorsandi divorce did affect her baby but over the years the family has stabilized themselves. A while later there some news about Shappi Khorsandi and Todd Carty relationship. In the year 2013 on June 7th Shappi gave birth to a girl.

News about Shappi Khorsandi boyfriend has not been much heard of but many think that Shappi Khorsandi daughter is from Shappi Khorsandi husband Christian Reilly. The husband of comedian Shappi Khorsandi has also not come into picture about this matter. Apart from all this she is an excellent comedian just like her brother and father and has inspired many female stand-up comedians UK. She is the face of today’s modern women who have dilated their career and interests in unique and distinguished fields.