Tabitha Suzuma Author Images, Forbidden, Books, QuotesTabitha Suzuma is an Award-winning British writer best known for her books meant for young adults. Her best known novel so far is “Forbidden”, which was released in 2010. Tabitha Suzuma is a winner of several writing awards, including the Young Minds Award, and the Stockport Book Award, among others, making her one of the top female adult fiction writers in Britain. Perhaps the most well-known and intriguing feature about Tabitha Suzuma’s personal life is that she as a child hated school and almost failed. She eventually left school, but then went on to join the league of Britain’s most popular writers in a short time. Truly, Tabitha Suzuma’s life sets an example for a lot of her fans. Definitely, Tabitha Suzuma’s net worth increased manifold after Forbidden.

Tabitha Suzuma Age, Family

A look at British author Tabitha Suzuma’s biography yields very interesting details. This young writer started out in a very unusual way. Tabitha Suzuma was born in 1975, and this makes author Tabitha Suzuma’s age around 39 to 40 years. People imagine Tabitha Suzuma’s height to be average, although there is no confirmation. Tabitha Suzuma’s birthplace is London.

She was born to an English mother and a Japanese father, and this makes Tabitha Suzuma’s nationality British as she was born and grew up in Britain. Tabitha Suzuma’s family also consists of four other siblings, making her family a total of six people. Thus, definitely, Tabitha Suzuma’s family background is pretty interesting and it is no doubt that it played a very important role in the shaping up of her life.

Writer Tabitha Suzuma Wiki

Tabitha Suzuma’s full name is Tabitha Sayo Victoria Anne Suzuma. A look at Tabitha Suzuma’s author profile will show that this famous author hated going to school and thus Tabitha Suzuma’s education was quite erratic. She went to the French Lycée as a kid, and left it at the age of fourteen, completely fed up.

She then got a job as an assistant dance teacher, after which she worked with children with cerebral palsy. Eventually, Tabitha Suzuma joined and left university and finally graduated in French Literature from King’s College in London. It is a few years after this that Tabitha Suzuma started teaching in a school and to her surprise, loved it.

Author Tabitha Suzuma Books, Novels

All this time, Tabitha Suzuma loved writing and kept writing, even while she was in school. Author Tabitha Suzuma’s personal details reveal that this was when she started penning her first novel, while she was teaching. Between 2000 and 2004, Tabitha Suzuma’s first book, “A Note of Madness” was written, and this was released in 2006.

Being so young at that time, she thus joined the league of UK’s young female authors. After this, she left teaching full-time in a school and decided to spend time writing and being a peripatetic teacher. Her next four novels came out in quick succession in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. All of these became Tabitha Suzuma’s best-selling books. Among all of Tabitha Suzuma’s books, the one written in 2010 became instantly popular.

Tabitha Suzuma Best-selling Books

“Forbidden” by Tabitha Suzuma became her best-selling novel and made her a household name. She instantly became a British trending female author, especially among young adults. She was put in the lists of top young British female authors. So a process which had already started with Tabitha Suzuma’s “A Note of Madness” book was now in full swing. In 2007, “From where I stand” Tabitha Suzuma was published, and soon after, in 2008, A Voice in the Distance was published, followed in 2009 by “Without Looking Back” Tabitha Suzuma.

Due to the popularity and demand for more of Tabitha Suzuma’s novels, Forbidden was released in 2010. This book was to become her best known work till date. All these books are counted amongst the top 5 books by Tabitha Suzuma. Forbidden book’s author name Tabitha Suzuma became a rage among the young adult population of not only Britain but all over the world.

Forbidden Author Tabitha Suzuma Awards

Since then, the Forbidden author’s wiki lists a number of awards that this young writer has won. Tabitha Suzuma’s awards include the Young Minds Book Award, the Premio Speciale Cariparma for European Literature 2011, and “The Branford Boase Award” among several others. Two of her books were nominated for the Carnegie medal, but this is not to say that only these books are Tabitha Suzuma’s best books. Tabitha Suzuma is also one of the famous young female writers. This is because of her eloquent writing that touches the heart of many, making her one of Britain’s top young adult fiction authors.

Author Tabitha Suzuma Fan Following

A look at Tabitha Suzuma’s blog shows the kind of warm responses she has got for her books. Tabitha Suzuma Forbidden author has numerous emotional responses to her books from fans and acclaimed writers saying they could not put down the book. A look at Forbidden author Tabitha Suzuma’s biography will tell one how her life has affected and influenced her writing and made it so emotional and touching.

Although one really does not have to read author Tabitha Suzuma’s bio-data to understand her feelings about mental illness and the minds of young people. A look at Tabitha Suzuma quotes from her books is enough to understand the complex writer that she is and how she understands life.

Author Tabitha Suzuma Love Life

It seems like Tabitha Suzuma likes to keep her personal life a little private, although there are many write ups about her on the internet. Writer Tabitha Suzuma’s biography in most places does not talk about her Tabitha Suzuma’s marriage. Many fans wonder if Tabitha Suzuma married anyone. Or is she focussing on her writing career? Since she is popular among young adults, many wonder about Tabitha Suzuma’s love life.

Female readers especially want to know about Tabitha Suzuma’s boyfriend. They also wonder if Tabitha Suzuma’s husband is around. Surely, someone who writes so much about love must have Tabitha Suzuma love affairs of their own. Where is this boyfriend of Tabitha Suzuma, fans asking? There are lots of Tabitha Suzuma images on the internet, but no man is seen in any of them.

The Forbidden author’s pics are very widespread and popular among fans. But there is unfortunately no way to find out Tabitha Suzuma’s husband’s name. Even Tabitha Suzuma’s website, where she is pretty blatant and honest about her personal life, she gives no details of a boyfriend or a husband. Fans hope there will be a Tabitha Suzuma wedding date soon and they will get to see their favourite author’s love life bloom.

Author Tabitha Suzuma Next Book, Novels

It is no doubt that the popularity of “Forbidden” author Tabitha Suzuma is growing. Already there is a lot of buzz and Tabitha herself has confirmed Tabitha Suzuma’s upcoming novels. Tabitha Suzuma’s next book after “Forbidden” came out in 2013 and it was called “Hurt”. Now the Tabitha Suzuma latest news is that she is currently working on her sixth novel. Tabitha Suzuma’s new book name has not been revealed yet, but there is already a lot of excitement among readers.

Tabitha Suzuma Books into Movies

People are also hoping now that there will be a conversion of Tabitha Suzuma’s books into movies. It is high time that Tabitha Suzuma’s first film is out. Fans hope that her Tabitha Suzuma’s new movie name will be announced soon, as just reading her books isn’t enough. They want to see their favourite characters faces and them in action on the big screen.

We too are hoping that there soon will be Tabitha Suzuma movies, and more Tabitha Suzuma books for us to enjoy. Fans hope that the strong women characters in Tabitha Suzuma’s books are played by gorgeous and hot actress Angelina Jolie in Tabitha Suzuma movies.