Mandana Karimi Hot Pics, Husband Images, Lalit Tehlan, Songs, Bikini WallpapersMany models have graced the house of Bigg Boss in the past. This year too was no exception. Today in this article we will discuss the Bigg Boss 9 contestant Mandana Karimi biography and explore Mandana Karimi movies as well. Fans know about her as they will see Mandana Karimi in “Kya Kool Hain Hum 3”, which is yet to be released. Her personal life has been the topic of Bigg Boss gossips but unlike most people’s expectations, Mandana Karimi in Bigg Boss 9, has been faring quite well. Without further ado we will explore Mandana Karimi personal life, discover the much coveted Mandana Karimi actress profile, and also find out what it is about the husband of actress Mandana Karimi that is giving the media a field day! Let us find out more about this model turned actor in the sections mentioned below.

Actress Mandana Karimi Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of actress Mandana Karimi is quite interesting especially because of Mandana Karimi family background which is mixed. Her mother is Irish and father is Indian which is evident from the beautiful golden body color she radiates in the hot Mandana Karimi photos. The actress Mandana Karimi age should not be more than 30 and since she has a foreign influence in her heritage therefore Mandana Karimi height is well above the average Indian female.

The model Mandana Karimi date of birth is 19 March, 1988. At just 27 years, the actress Mandana Karimi wiki has so much to offer her fan with her talents. Mandana Karimi education initially happened in Tehran and Mandana Karimi nationality is Indian. She started the career with Mandana Karimi modeling and later on moved on to Mandana Karimi first movie which was a cameo role in Roy where she plays the girlfriend of the lead character Kabir. Right now Mandana Karimi love affairs are the most talked about gossip stuff.

Actress Mandana Karimi Movies

The start of the career of Mandana Karimi in “Roy” happened with a cameo role. After this the model Mandana Karimi in “Bhaag Johnny” was seen acting. Mandana Karimi TV shows comprise of being seen in the small screen in various fashion week telecasts and showcase of Mandana Karimi bikini photo-shoots. The Irish model Mandana Karimi bio data will be incomplete without the mention of the active participation of the model in Mandana Karimi Instagram, the social footprint of which will help in increasing Mandana Karimi net worth.

In the Bigg Boss house, it has been seen that Mandana Karimi and Keith Sequeira get along quite well which is boding well for her. The most notable Mandana Karimi advertisements were the one in which she starred opposite Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The latest Pakistani drama “The Lawrencepur Man” has Mandana Karimi and Adeel Hussain in it, however it has failed to become Mandana Karimi latest news as that slot has been taken up by Mandana Karimi upcoming movies.

Actress Mandana Karimi Marriage, Husband

The actress Mandana Karimi love life has been caught up in a whirlwind of controversies. Mandana Karimi boyfriend name is Lalit Kumar and the rumors about Mandana Karimi dating Gaurav Gupta is a thing of the past now. Mandana Karimi boyfriend Gaurav has taken a back seat since the time a certain marriage certificate was floated on media channels stating that Mandana Karimi husband name is Lalit Kumar and that clearly means that Gaurav Gupta Mandana Karimi relationship has ended way back.

Mandana Karimi personal details state that there was Mandana Karimi breakup with Gaurav Gupta right after the time she was featured as Mandana Karimi in “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. Now the nation is talking about Mandana Karimi husband Lalit Kumar but she has maintained that there is no Mandana Karimi Lalit Kumar love story and has rubbished all talks of model Mandana Karimi married.

Although the marriage certificate shows Mandana Karimi wedding date to be 2011, she has denied that Mandana Karimi was ever married with her husband. The Bigg Boss 9 contestant Mandana Karimi husband Lalit Kumar is lying low now and Mandana Karimi Lalit Kumar age difference do seem to be a lot. Adding to this Mandana Karimi Lalit Kumar relationship fiasco is the speculation of Mandana Karimi married a gay man.

Apparently Tehlan who was dating Rohit Bal was also the lover of this Irish model and a potential Mandana Karimi spouse. Mandana Karimi husband photos do suggest that they are truly married and critics feel maybe she is hiding the fact just to grab more eyeballs. There has been no talk of a Mandana Karimi divorce or Mandana Karimi children whatsoever up until now.

Actress Mandana Karimi Latest Buzz

Mandana Karimi modeling contracts were many and she has worked with popular designers like J J Valaya and Rohit Bal and courtesy to them there were a lot of Mandana Karimi sexy photo-shoots. One may see the resemblance of Carol Gracias, previous contestant of Bigg Boss and model in seeing Mandana Karimi bikini wallpapers and also Mandana Karimi hot pics.

Mandana Karimi video of her activities in the house is out on YouTube. Mandana Karimi new movie which is yet to be released is trying to quell the model Mandana Karimi controversy about the fact that the models Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao don’t really get along too well. Only time will tell which among these two will bell the cat!