Lavanya Sankaran Husband Pics, Wedding, The Red Carpet Author Hot Images, ChildrenThe scenario in India is fast changing. Many new writers are emerging and as compared to the last decade when most writers used to think twice before getting a book published or penning stories, the situation has changed now. Gradually over time, many publishing houses have seen a potential opportunity in this sector. The process of getting published has been simplified and thus more and more writers are emerging everyday with fresh stories and perspectives. “The Red Carpet” author Lavanya Sankaran biography reveals how she went from being just another woman to an author. Lavanya Sankaran has written two best-selling books and here we will be discussing that. Lavanya Sankaran photos show a rather healthy woman clad in a silk sari with an air of intellect about her. Lavanya Sankaran author profile will be discussed in the next section. “The Red Carpet” author name has received much praise from reviewers from dailies of international acclaim and this stands as an inspiration for young female authors in India.

Author Lavanya Sankaran Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of writer Lavanya Sankaran starts with Lavanya Sankaran family background. The author Lavanya Sankaran age is supposedly to be a figure in the late forties. Lavanya Sankaran date of birth should be approximately in the year 1970. Lavanya Sankaran height is that of any other average Indian woman, somewhere around 5 feet 4 inches. The author Lavanya Sankaran wiki mentions that Lavanya Sankaran education happened in Bryn Mawr College.

Lavanya Sankaran nationality is Indian. She is married and lives with her family consisting of a husband and a daughter in Bangalore. Lavanya Sankaran personal life has been discussed below as often an author’s life experiences translates into stories or influences their outlook. Both of Lavanya Sankaran novels have very interesting covers with a touch of Indian-ness. Let’s find out more about her.

Author Lavanya Sankaran Books, Success Story

Lavanya Sankaran first book is called the Hope Factory. The author of “The Red Carpet” book has received international acclaim for her books which has been compared to the likes of Charles Dickens’ works. “The Red Carpet” author wiki mentions that she also sponsors the “Annual Lavanya Sankaran Writing Fellowship” and the Sangam Writer’s Residency to encourage and uplift the Indian young female authors. Lavanya Sankaran website has the mention of all the praise that has been given to her from the UK and US in detail.

Lavanya Sankaran Twitter handle has a huge following mostly her readers. The first book by Lavanya Sankaran is a collection of short stories which was the main cause of Lavanya Sankaran’s success story. Lavanya Sankaran author bio data has the mention of many awards received like the Barnes and Noble Discover New Writer Awards and the Poet’s and Writer’s First Fiction Award.

“The Red Carpet” by Lavanya Sankaran stayed for 2 whole years in the bestselling list which made her Hachette’s largest selling Indian author. Her fans are eagerly waiting for Lavanya Sankaran next novel which should be out in a year. Her book, “The Hope Factory” was selected by Amazon UK as a Top Pick. She has written many articles for the New York Times and been featured in many interviews where she has recounted her writer’s life.

Her style of writing is very unlike that of Anuja Chauhan who mostly writes humorous books for the young Indian reader. One of Anuja’s books has been translated into a very popular TV series called “Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls”. She could be just in line to fill the shoes of Jhumpa Lahiri or maybe just proceed to carve her own space in the writing world. Her books are similar in style and poignancy as that of Sudha Murty’s books.

Lavanya Sankaran Love Life, Marriage, Husband

The author Lavanya Sankaran love life has been kept very private and well protected. There is some speculation that Lavanya Sankaran boyfriend must have had some influence in her stories. But that’s how writers spin tales. Lavanya Sankaran’s take on dating can be seen in the articles she wrote for New York Times. Lavanya Sankaran is in a relationship with her husband.

The author Lavanya Sankaran is married and stays in Bangalore with her husband. Lavanya Sankaran has been heard saying that her wedding date is one of those special days that she will never forget. Although her name is quite famous but Lavanya Sankaran husband name is never taken in tabloids. The husband of “The Red Carpet” author Lavanya Sankaran must be really proud to have such an accomplished wife. Lavanya Sankaran children also graced with all her success and fame she got in her life through her writing skills.

Author Lavanya Sankaran Latest Buzz

The author Lavanya Sankaran net worth is increasing with each release of her book. Lavanya Sankaran house is in Bangalore. The rest of Lavanya Sankaran personal details can be found in her official website. Lavanya Sankaran latest news is that her book stayed at the top of the best-selling charts for two whole which is a matter of great pride for any Indian author.

Lavanya Sankaran new book has sold record numbers and this bodes well for all Lavanya Sankaran upcoming books. There is a good chance that Lavanya Sankaran books be turned into movies, as that is all the rage now. She stands as an epitome of inspiration for all the young female writers of India that no matter what, they can make it large.