Author Chetan Bhagat Biography, Books, Movies, MarriageAn erudite and sophisticated intellectual Chetan Bhagat has dumbfounded readers worldwide with his extraordinary novels that have highlighted the educational, romantic and challenging niches of life. His language of composition is extremely lucid and simple. The notions are expressed in an easy and understandable style that allows some of the readers to connect themselves with the characters focused in his novels. The versatile author loves to embark on challenges and feels elated to explore the vibrant and dynamic worlds of writing novels, movies or even being an inspirational and encouraging speaker He is an open person with a broad and rational mentality and loves communicating his thoughts. His novels have been loved and appreciated by the ignited youngsters and intellects. The nation has been stirred by his phenomenal work. Hence people have shown interest in getting enlightened on author Chetan Bhagat biography.

Author Chetan Bhagat Wiki

Chetan Bhagat has a penchant for writing and he is passionate about it. He is educated from the finest colleges of the nation and has penned his experience through different characters. The writings have created a phenomenal impression on the readers and have spellbound everyone. People who have read his novels have a keen interest on Chetan Bhagat personal blog and hence get acquainted with his profile.

Chetan Bhagat’s versatility has come into limelight after the release of his novels and delivery of motivational speeches. Chetan Bhagat as a speaker profile has received overwhelming responses and his speeches have miraculously motivated the crowd. Chetan Bhagat family background is modest and simple and he hails from a Punjabi family.

Chetan Bhagat Personal Life

Chetan Bhagat was born in a very humble middle-class Punjabi family. Chetan Bhagat date of birth is April 22nd, 1974. Chetan Bhagat age is 40 years currently and he has already excelled as an author, Screenwriter, columnist and speaker. Chetan Bhagat has been brought up beautifully by an army officer father and a government employee mother. Chetan Bhagat father name has not been disclosed before the media.

Chetan Bhagat father story is a different one from other normal relationships. He shared a turbulent relationship with his father and had a bitter past too. Chetan Bhagat adores and cares for his mother the most. His mother had brought him up with extreme affection and love during tough times. Chetan Bhagat parents divorced have affected his life, but he is more than happy for his mother now.

Chetan Bhagat personal life is filled with zeniths and nadirs but he lives his life with pleasure and contentment now. Chetan Bhagat sister name of the character in the book ‘3 Mistakes of my life’ was Vidya after the gorgeous and talented actress Vidya Balan.

Chetan Bhagat Famous Novels and Books

The dynamic and versatile author Chetan Bhagat has written 6 books which have a uniqueness in its title. Chetan Bhagat books have a number in their title which he considers his fascination and an involuntary though being an investment banker. Chetan Bhagat Wiki unfolds the different charisma of his novels and speeches. Chetan Bhagat famous books include the outstanding novel ‘5 Point someone’, 2 states, The 3 Mistakes of his life and many more. Chetan Bhagat books have been appreciated and critically acclaimed by many esteemed and august people. His works are indeed amazing.

People are highly influenced by the fact that he is the only passionate Indian writer whose every novel has been transformed into interesting movies. The upcoming Chetan Bhagat novel “Half Girlfriend” is anticipated to release soon and it has already created a staunch buzz among his readers and fans with the much baffling name.

Chetan Bhagat Education and Career

The ignited mind of nation Chetan Bhagat has completed his graduation from IIT, (Indian Institute of Technology) and has gained expertise in Mechanical Engineering. He has acquired a management degree from the highly prestigious Institute of IIMA (Indian Institute of Management). Chetan Bhagat first job was an investment banker, which he quit in the year 2009 to pursue his dream of being a writer.

Chetan Bhagat first book, ‘5 Point Someone’ had created an exceptional and sensational buzz in the market that has astounded the readers. The story of three engineering students at IIT and their experiences have been marvelously penned down by him leaving a breathtaking impression on everyone. Chetan Bhagat first novel have inevitably stirred the nation and encouraged him to continue giving such splendid work.

Chetan Bhagat Success Story

Chetan Bhagat successful novel has included all of his writings and interestingly movies are being made on all of them. What Young India wants is another big release of Chetan Bhagat recently. Chetan Bhagat last novel is Revolution 2020. Chetan Bhagat next book release date has not been unveiled yet. Chetan Bhagat new novel release date is being anticipated by his consistent readers.

Chetan Bhagat free eBooks are also available for all those interested. Lately Chetan Bhagat has delivered an extremely captivating and motivating speech at Pune that got a mass publication is newspapers. Chetan Bhagat author biography is thus embellished with versatility and robustness.

Chetan Bhagat Marriage, Wife

Chetan Bhagat Wife Photos, Wife Name, Age, WikiThe intelligent and humorous author Chetan Bhagat found his lady love during his college days at IIMA. He has painted his life red with his wife and children and relishing a gleeful life. Not much has been heard about Chetan Bhagat first girlfriend and it is still hidden in darkness. Chetan Bhagat real life love story began with his wife Anusha Suryanarayan during his academic years in IIMA. Chetan Bhagat love affairs haven’t affected his married life.

Chetan Bhagat wife name is Anusha Suryanarayan. Chetan Bhagat first wife is Anusha Suryanarayan and the intelligent and articulate author fell head over heels for this stunning Tamilian. Chetan Bhagat marriage symbolized the union of different family backgrounds and cultures and holds pride in having his Anusha beside him. He is happy beyond all leaps and bounds with his extremely talented and learned wife who works as an investment banker and does not wish to ride the fame of her darling hubby.

Chetan Bhagat and his wife Anusha Love Story

Chetan Bhagat love story with Anusha is very enchanting and has faced enormous difficulties in making the relationship happen. Today the couple is proud parents of twins. Chetan Bhagat’s wife Anusha Suryanarayan details are given in the websites. Chetan Bhagat’s wife Anusha pics are readily available pn the internet and it depicts her charm and beauty in her bright, shining eyes. Chetan Bhagat and his wife Anusha are leading an extremely steady and prosperous relationship.

Chetan Bhagat wife Ananya Swaminathan photos which is actually the character of Alia Bhatt in the blockbuster movie ‘2 States’ has earned humongous success. Today the couple is proud parents of twins. Chetan Bhagat sons’ names are Ishaan and Shyam. Chetan Bhagat sons in movies have played a very small role in the movie ’Kai Po Che’ which was featured on one of his bestselling novels ‘3 Mistakes of My Life’. The wedding date of Chetan Bhagat is very vividly mentioned, but the auspicious event of his life took place in the year 1999.

Writer Chetan Bhagat’s Upcoming Novels and Movies

Chetan Bhagat has gifted the nation some amazing novels and inspirational speeches that has motivated many young souls. Chetan Bhagat awards and recognition have engraved his name among the best authors of the nation. Chetan Bhagat upcoming books 2014 shall be revealed very soon.

Chetan Bhagat upcoming movies are also being planned and film on his novel ‘Revolution 2020’ is anticipated to be released soon. The author is an epitome of a practical intellect who has raised the standards in his professional front and also relishes pursuing his dream. His work is noteworthy and appreciable.

His family’s unfailing support is the key to his successful career. Chetan Bhagat seminars also work miraculously well on encouraging the youngsters and listeners. Chetan Bhagat speeches are delightful and a treat for the ear. The author has marveled millions and billions of people nationwide. His ideas and thoughts are reflected in his speeches and book that enthralls everyone and has earned him prestige and recognition.