Ariana Grande Hot Poster, Age, Tattoos, Outfits, Honeymoon ToursRadiant, cute, curvaceous and stunning are only a few prescribed expressions of defining the talented young songwriter-singer Ariana Grande. She is an iconic young talent whose melody and voice has impeccably resonated in everyone’s heart. Ariana Grande singer profile is adorned with her fantabulous achievements, awards and concerts. She performs in several concerts and has also appeared in a handful of American TV shows. American singer Ariana Grande biography shares the brilliance of singer Ariana Grande net worth, Ariana Grande hit songs and interestingly Ariana Grande personal life. Ariana Grande embarked on her career as a child artist in TV series but later she bounced back with her euphony and today biography of American singer Ariana Grande is a main focus on her song-writing and melody. She is one of the most promising talents of her nation like Ella Eyre, Big Sean, etc.; who have marked panache with her exemplary melodious voice.

Singer Ariana Grande Age and Personal Details

Melody can heal agony only when it is played apt. However, not everyone can charm their listeners with the spell of euphony. Ariana Grande new songs and the old ones are epitome of melodious art that has dazzled people worldwide leaving no stone unturned in curving a niche for her. Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton in Florida. Actress Ariana Grande date of birth is June 26th in the year 1993 and singer Ariana Grande age is 21 years currently.

Ariana Grande height is nearly 5 feet and 5 inches and she has a sensational curvaceous persona that has made her popular head-turned among her followers and parallel talents. Ariana Grande is an Italian beauty since she of Italian descent and Ariana Grande parents, Joan Grande and Edward Butera had named her Princess Oriana. Ariana Grande also has a half-brother who is yet another popular producer, actor and dancer.

Ariana Grande family background was not pretty much inclined to flicks and melody since Joan is the CEO of a communication company while Edward owns his own graphic design firm in Florida. Ariana Grande education was accomplished from “Pine crest school and North Broward Preparatory school” before taking up music professionally. Ariana Grande nationality is American inspite of being an Italian descent because her mother moved to Florida when she was pregnant with Ariana. Her parents had separated when she was only 9 years old.

American Singer Ariana Grande Wiki

This biography is an insight on this elite, talented and riveting actress-singer who showcased her knack for acting and singing in a very naive age. She first performed at the Fort Lauderdale children’s theatre where Ariana Grande wiki marked her beginning as an actress in the role of Annie. She also performed in the musical of the popular children’s stories “Beauty and the beast“ and “The wizard of Oz”. At the age of 14 she moved to Los Angeles to release her own album. The notion was however turned down. She played a supporting role in musical “13on broadway” that bagged her prestigious “National youth theatre association award”.

This was a kick off for her career and then there was no turning back making her a popular artist. Ariana Grande hot pics, Ariana Grande hot poster are posted on several sites. People are not just captivated by hot Ariana Grande photos but are more mesmerized by her melody and performances. Her TV shows and musical performances are reigning in most of American occasions and concerts.

Singer Ariana Grande Acting Career, Movies

Making an album at the age of 14 sounded a helluva goal for little Ariana but her staunch determination finally materialized her dream. She sang in many musical functions and also at the NewYork cuty jazz club “Birdland”. Ariana Grande actress profile marked the inception professionally in the role of Cat Valentine in Nickelodean TV show “Victorious”. She dyed her hair red and fitted perfectly in the character. She garnered humongous popularity and emerged an icon for all teens then. The show as one of the highest rated then. “The Battery’s Down” was her first show but Victorious marked success for her.

Ariana Grande next TV show was Cuba Libra which was a musical, produced and written by Desmond Child. Thereafter she was seen in several TV shows like iCarly, Family Guy, Saturday night live and many more. She is currently working in “Last Screams”, a horror series. Singer Ariana Grande HD wallpapers and Ariana Grande TV shows was the growing interest of the crowd.

Ariana has also acted in a couple of movies and television films between the year 2011-2015. Ariana Grande movies list includes “Snowflakes, White Gorilla, Swindle and Underdogs.” Ariana Grande first movie was “Snowflakes, White Gorilla”. She was last seen in Underdogs and her fans are anticipating about Ariana Grande upcoming movies. There were striking headlines about Ariana Grande in harry potter scene but it was all about her excitement when she walked the red carpet of the premier if the last part of Harry Potter movie. She is all focussed on her musical career now but soon shall be seen in a couple of more movies.

Singer Ariana Grande Musical Career, First Song

Ariana grabbed extensive fame with Victorious but her shrieks of delight were heard more prominently when she invigorated her musical career. Ariana Grande first song was for the musical track “Give it up” for Victorious in the year 2011, August. She had worked on many musical tracks while shooting for Victorious which she even got uploaded on YouTube. Ariana Grande new album “Put your hearts up” was released in the year 2011, December which was apparently her first single.

The song witnessed Ariana Grande controversy as it was stuck with delays and was later disowned by Ariana. She quoted that she lost interest in recording music belonging to that genre. She has voiced for several TV shows including the “Princess Disaspro”, “Victorious, second and third season” and many more. Ariana Grande the way mp3 song and musical video of “L.A. Boyz” rocked the charts for weeks.

Singer Ariana Grande Debut Album, Live Shows

Ariana Grande released her debut album “Yours Truly” in the year 2013 wherein she received unanimous appreciations. Ariana Grande hot topic then captured her stupendous success record with the album that ranked no.1 in the US billiboard 200 albums. The album sold nearly 138000 copies right away on the very first week. She was also appreciated as a song-writer for various tracks of the album.

In April 2014 Ariana’s album emerged as her golden crown selling more than 500000 copies marking success among Ariana Grande latest news. Apart from her albums she got involved in many concerts and shows. Ariana Grande hot desk pointed to most of singer Ariana Grande live concerts and Ariana Grande live performances. Moreover, Ariana Grande upcoming songs for her next studio album “My everything” along with popular song-writer Ryan Tedder got her anointed with many awards and accolades making her a star performer.

Ariana Grande has featured in numerous songs and musical tracks of which the most notable ones have been mentioned. Singer Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber song are also among the high rated ones. She also released “Santa tell me” which was a Christmas single. Ariana Grande next song release “One last time” from “My Everything” yet again captivated colossal success with record breaking selling of more than 600000 copies in America.

Singer Ariana Grande Honeymoon Tours and Concerts

Ariana has rocked the musical charts and records with her albums and best-selling musical tracks. She embarked on “”the honeymoon tour” marked humongous commercial success. Singer Ariana Grande honeymoon avenue covered Europe and North America and also a hault in Philippines. singer Ariana Grande tour tickets were sold in commendable numbers and Ariana Grande honeymoon tour garnered a huge chunk of praises and appreciations for her amazing vocals.

Ariana Grande tour dates were decided and hence tickets were sold colossally. The tour bagged her 14 million dollars with her 1st 25 performances itself. The success and magic of her musical tour got people impatient about more of Ariana Grande upcoming concerts. Grande is also anticipated to launch her 1st fragrance by the end of 2015 which is slated to release in the month of September.

Ariana Grande Controversies and Love Affairs

Ariana Grande is an inspiration for all young vocals and an icon for the teens. The biography has shared its focus on her career and Ariana Grande personal details but singer Ariana Grande love affairs and Ariana Grande love life was not much talked about. Her musical and acting career faced only a few controversies but her personal life is bag full of striking headlines about singer Ariana Grande boyfriend name and Ariana Grande boyfriend material album. The rumor mills have even grinded nonsensical talks about Ariana Grande kiss concert, Ariana Grande kiss Miley Cyrus and their wild affair. Ariana Grande kissing Justin Bieber was yet another hot fire triggering the controversy ambience.

However the most appalling of all was singer Ariana Grande married her co-star Jai Brooks after many stories sprawling up with Ariana Grande Jai Brooks relation and Ariana Grande love affair with Jai Brooks. It was since then people have enquiring about Ariana Grande wedding date, Ariana Grande husband name and husband of singer Ariana Grande. Grande was in a relationship with Janoskian member Jai Brooks for a year between 2012-2013. Ariana Grande Jai Brooks breakup was mainly cause of “The Wanted” member Nathan Sykes. Later she dated Nathan Sykes till 2013 December. However she was seen kissing Jai Brooks somewhere around 2014 and they were confirmed to be back again which did not last again and witnessed another appalling split.

Singer Ariana Grande Latest Gossip and Relationships

The break-up of Jai Brooks and Ariana did mark dismay among many of their fans but it soon led to another shocking affair. There were media bites about Ariana Grande dating Big Sean, the rapper and about Ariana Grande Big Sean relationship. The stars confirmed about Ariana Grande Big Sean relationship and social sites also captured Ariana Grande kiss Big Sean video. Ariana Grande kissing Big Sean in the video went viral and attracted a huge number of people. Ariana dated him for some 8 months and Ariana Grande split with Big Sean by early 2015 in April. Now the pristine beauty is solely working on her musical tracks.