Twinkle Khanna Hot Photos, Movies, Family, Marriage Pictures, Husband, Kids, HD WallpapersAkshay Kumar is a prominent and heart-craving personality of Bollywood who astounds the viewers with his fantabulous looks and talent. The smashing superstar in Bollywood Akshay Kumar believes his gorgeous wife Twinkle Khanna to be the lucky mascot in his life. With the dawn of this amazing lady in his life, the professional life of the glorious hero experienced grandeur and magnificence, and today he relishes his name among the top five actors of Bollywood and is recognized as a glorious action hero. He owes it all to his beloved wife Twinkle Khanna. The beautiful actress Twinkle Khanna stands by her name and successfully creates a spark with her twinkling eyes and fabulous countenance. Though she hasn’t contributed much in Indian cinema, but her riveting and ravishing persona has left a breath-taking impression on her fans and admirers. Unfortunately, very few people have been privileged to get acquainted with Akshay Kumar Wife Twinkle Khanna Biography. Here is a quick glimpse on gorgeous actress Twinkle Khanna.

Twinkle Khanna Family Background, Wiki

Twinkle Khanna was born with a golden spoon in her mouth in the lavish family of Indian legendary actor Rajesh Khanna. Akshay Kumar wife name ‘Twinkle Khanna’ was adorably nick named as Tina. Tina is a popular and charming actress who has secured fair levels of popularity and is a successful home-maker too.

Twinkle Khanna, being born in the arms of a legend was bestowed with all the worldly pleasures, but her genuineness and modesty has been her identity. Akshay Kumar Wife Tina was cradled by her eminent father Jatin Khanna and her ever-attractive mother Dimple Kapadia, who was a superstar of her times. The roots and motivation of her life can be traced from Twinkle Khanna family background.

Twinkle Khanna wiki is quite captivating with her charismatic professional and successful personal life that enthralls the readers. This stunning actress was born in the beautiful city of Pune, Maharashtra. Her father Rajesh Khanna was popularly known as the romantic hero of his time and has delivered numerous superhits in Bollywood and has created an aura of excellence in the film fraternity.

Actress Twinkle Khanna Age, Sister

Twinkle Khanna date of birth is December 29th, 1974 and she is blessed with a sibling. She is one of the luckiest few who shares her birth date with that of her father’s. Twinkle Khanna sister name is Rinke Khanna who has exchanged vows with Sameer Saran. Twinkle Khanna sister husband, is an influential and venerated industrialist. Twinkle Khanna age is 39 years and her height is 5 feet 2 inches.

Actress Twinkle Khanna Education, Bollywood Debut

Twinkle Khanna has been a brilliant student and was among the toppers of the class. She has secured her education from New Era High School, Panchgani. She was not very gregarious and remained to herself in her school days. However, she had always been drawn towards acting and hence had enacted in many of her school plays. Her talent was soon brought into limelight after her first movie that earned her humongous fame and name.

Twinkle Khanna first movie name is ‘Barsaat’, opposite Bobby Deol. The movie was a blockbuster hit and it allowed the dazzling actress to make a mark in the film industry in no time. She was also accorded with the best debut award from Filmfare for the same and hence her skills and talent was acknowledged.

Twinkle Khanna last Bollywood movie ‘love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega’ did not create much buzz though and she quit from acting post marriage. She also appeared in a movie “Baadshah” in 1999 with Shahrukh Khan. This movie was a blockbuster movie. Then she played the lead role in the movie “Mela” in 2000 with Aamir Khan.

Actress Twinkle Khanna Love Affairs

Owing to her beauty many actors fell head over heels for her, but Twinkle Khanna love affairs before marriage have not been much heard of. Twinkle Khanna Akshay Kumar love story commenced on the sets and it was during a shoot for the Filmfare magazine that the actor developed a crush for his gorgeous future wife. The action hero admits he finds happiness and solace in his wife and that he would have never been this recognized and established without her hence considers her as the lucky charm of his life.

The love and affection between the couple has adorned their lives with happiness and prosperity and made their love story eternal. Twinkle Khanna love life has been marvelous and splendid and her unperturbed support and company of her husband has helped him grow as a Superstar of Bollywood.

Actress Twinkle Khanna Married Life, Husband, Children

Twinkle Khanna Husband Photos, Wedding, Daughter Pics, Son Images, SisterTwinkle Khanna is a versatile lady bestowed with all the traits required to transform a house to a love-filled home. Twinkle Khanna first marriage has embellished her house with love and care. It has witnessed nearly thirteen long years of togetherness and compassion and is still living wonderfully. This is indeed worth the praise since the Bollywood marriages end on a miserable and sad note within a short span of time.

The alluring couple has been blessed with a darling baby boy ‘Aarav Kumar’. He was Twinkle Khanna first child. Owing to ‘Aarav’s birth on September 15th, 2002 it was rumored that the actress got pregnant prior her marriage. Twinkle Khanna first pregnant before marriage has not been disclosed publicly though. Twinkle Khanna first boyfriend before her marriage and rumors associated with them had surfaced often, but her darling hubby has always cleared the air and dilated a grand support.

Twinkle Khanna marriage with the handsome hunk Akshay Kumar has portrayed an epitome of tremendous love, belief and affection. The wedding date of Twinkle Khanna is January 17th, 2001. This auspicious and august day has brought the couple good luck and contentment. Recently on September 25th, 2012 the couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Twinkle Khanna daughter name ‘Nitara Kumar’ who is just as unique as ‘Aarav Kumar’. The star kids are a bundle of joy to the proud parents.

Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna Love Story, Divorce Rumors

Twinkle and her beloved husband have faced many ups and downs in their married life but have emerged successful. News and gossips about Twinkle Khanna ex-boyfriend often contaminated the ambience in her marriage, but the stars managed it well and relished each other’s unfailing support and company. Twinkle Khanna boyfriend list could possibly be viewed in internet search engines and often appeared in the media, but that never seemed to bother the happy duo.

Twinkle Khanna has been extremely enticing and alluring and hence has made eye-popping appearances in many movies and award functions. Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar wedding is one of the most successful and admired marriages of Bollywood. Twinkle Khanna husband Akshay Kumar adores his wife and acknowledges her incredible support in his personal and professional life.

Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna wedding pics reflect the immense love and passion the duo have for each other. The marriage has not traversed through the good times always but has faced the ugly side of controversies too. Twinkle Khanna dating and Akshay Kumar’s love affairs with other artists had almost set ablaze their relationship.

Twinkle Khanna Akshay Kumar divorce had even created a buzz in the Bollywood town, but the eternal love between the duo has overcome all the hardships and have led to a radiant and beaming married life filled with joy and glee. Twinkle Khanna and her affectionate husband Akshay Kumar have created a phenomenal buzz in Bollywood with their sturdy career and crispy and captivating personal life. The duo has indeed spellbound the spectators with their charm and talent.