Sasha Chettri Hot Photos, Airtel 4G Model HD Images, Boyfriend, WeddingA lot of sensational TV commercials have given birth to stars. The Airtel 4G girl Sasha Chettri biography is what we will be covering in this article. The new series of Sasha Chettri advertisements are all the rage now and the protagonist has already earned herself a lot of fans. She has unconventional looks and a sexy accent so why not! Everyone wants to know about Sasha Chettri modeling and the Airtel 4G ad girl name. The Airtel 4G girl trolls have been the theme for the Airtel ad series which is quite ingenious. Sasha Chettri model profile is what we will be unfolding today. Sasha Chettri hot pics and Sasha Chettri personal life will be looked into and the biography of model Sasha Chettri will be laid out before you all for the reading.

Sasha Chettri Age, Family, Wiki

The Airtel 4G female model biography will start with Sasha Chettri family background, which is basically stating the fact that she hails from a middle class family from Dehradun. Sasha Chettri parents seem to be okay with the fact that she is finding her way in life and doing whatever she likes, whenever. The model Sasha Chettri age falls between 22 and 25 and Sasha Chettri height is like that of a model. Sasha Chettri date of birth must be on or a little before 1990 as she seems like a 90’s kid.

The Airtel 4G girl real name is Sasha Chettri and the model Sasha Chettri wiki states that Sasha Chettri education happened from the Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai. The hot Sasha Chettri photos look like that of a model’s but far from that she is featuring in Sasha Chettri first advertisement for Airtel. She also happens to be a Copywriter, something she did not find joy in doing and therefore moved on to singing and songwriting by the name of Rickshaw Rani.

Airtel 4G Girl Sasha Chettri Career

As of now there are no Sasha Chettri modeling contracts, she kept going for ad auditions trying to keep up her love for acting and that is the only account of Sasha Chettri love affairs. Sasha Chettri TV commercials show a skinny girl in Indian ethnics with short hair, candidly walking up to stranger and striking up challenges. These have come to be known as the Airtel 4G girl memes.

Sasha Chettri photo-shoots are expected to line up post this amount of mass acceptance. The model Sasha Chettri love life will pick up pace now that her pretty face has become the subject of national television. Sasha Chettri name is also unusual and quite unconventional like her persona.

Although as of now Sasha Chettri movies are not there yet, they just might pouring in just like that of Yami Gautam who shot to fame post her success with the Fair n Lovely Ads. Fans expect Sasha Chettri Bollywood debut to be announced soon, what with her pretty face and not doing films is like out of the question. The Airtel 4G girl wiki states that the model name in Airtel 4G advertisement is Sasha Chettri and Sasha Chettri Airtel model bio data is spotless without the trace of any Sasha Chettri controversy.

Airtel 4G Girl Sasha Chettri Love Life

Sasha Chettri HD wallpapers are already being produced seeing the popularity of the ad model. The boyfriend of Airtel 4G girl Sasha Chettri must be really proud of her talents and the number of followers she has earned in Sasha Chettri Twitter. The Airtel 4G girl jokes where she pranks the public are really cool and refreshing which has also inspired some of the Airtel 4G girl hot HD images.

Sasha Chettri personal details have the mention of the fact that Airtel 4G girl irritating theme is to troll the public and educate them about the 4G services of Airtel. The model Sasha Chettri marriage will have to wait for a while now as her career is just about to take off and therefore the stalling of Sasha Chettri wedding date is very necessary.

The announcement of Sasha Chettri husband name will have to a while now! Sasha Chettri in Airtel 4G ad has caused some problems in Sasha Chettri dating as she can’t visit any public place without people crowding her mush to her displeasure. Sasha Chettri relationships are taking a toll for this reason.

Sasha Chettri Latest Buzz

Sasha Chettri latest news is that Sasha Chettri net worth is starting to soar with the release of Sasha Chettri new advertisement which is making the Airtel 4G model girl Sasha Chettri to be husband very proud somewhere. The female model name in Airtel 4G ad is a pretty face from Dehradun and her luck has opened up so nice that she is already planning Sasha Chettri next TV commercials.

The Airtel 4G model actress Sasha Chettri is said to have not believed the fact that she had been shortlisted for the ad, but that was then and now she is already bracing up for all Sasha Chettri upcoming contracts. Just yesterday she was planning gigs at pubs and now she is the face on everyone’s drawing room! Unreal huh! That’s just how coolly destiny creeps into people’s lives!!