Waluscha De Sousa Hot Images, Husband Pics, Kids, Wedding, Fan Movie Actress Photoshoots, ModelingWaluscha De Sousa is an Indian model and actress, recently making rounds in the news as “Fan” movie actress name. Although it is her debut as an actress, Waluscha De Sousa modelling career is pretty well-known. In this “Fan” movie actress Waluscha De Sousa biography by Youth Developers, we will be discussing about her professional and personal lives for her fans to know her better. With Waluscha De Sousa photo-shoots, it is hard to say that actress Waluscha De Sousa age is 42 years as she looks stunning like in her 20’s. She has done a lot of modelling and this is why Waluscha De Sousa hot pics are flooded on the internet. However, this biography of actress Waluscha De Sousa will also throw some light on her personal life as well.

Waluscha De Sousa Age, Family, Wiki

Starting with Waluscha De Sousa family background, she belongs to a rich and well educated family but she does not belong a family who involved in films and theatres, therefore, the stunning and charming model has no experience in acting at all. Waluscha De Sousa parents were of British descent. Model Waluscha De Sousa date of birth is 16th April, 1973 and Waluscha De Sousa height is approximately 5 feet and 5 inches.

Since she is just starting her acting career, actress Waluscha De Sousa wiki is not known to many. But she is quite popular in the modeling world. She did few advertisements for popular brands in the past. She was also one of the contestants in a beauty pageant “Femina Miss India 2000”. She was also seen in the “Hyundai” and “Pepsi” TV commercials with Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan. To know more about her works and model Waluscha De Sousa bio data, read on the next segment of this biography.

Waluscha De Sousa Movies, Bollywood Debut

The talks about Waluscha De Sousa in “Fan” movie are making the rounds as she is cast as the lead actress in “Fan” movie opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Even though it is Waluscha De Sousa first movie, it appears that the producers have real faith in her. It has been noted that Waluscha De Sousa and Shah Rukh Khan movie has been talked about a lot and the fans of the artists have huge expectations from the actors.

Going back to the days when Waluscha De Sousa modeling contracts were lined up, she was a terrific model and most sought after one too. She was believed to be the show stopper every time she walked on the ramp. She also received several Waluscha De Sousa awards for her modelling skills.

Waluscha De Sousa in Fan Film

In this new movie, Waluscha De Sousa romances with Shah Rukh Khan and their fans cannot wait anymore for the film to release. Although it is said that “Fan” is one of the many Waluscha De Sousa upcoming films, the source of this information seems unreliable. However, we hope that in this one only, we get to see some Waluscha De Sousa songs and she dancing to the Bollywood dance numbers. Being the heroine of “Fan” movie, there is a lot of pressure on her to prove her skills.

While Waluscha De Sousa next movie is impatiently awaited, her first one could not get away without a Waluscha De Sousa controversy. As seen on Waluscha De Sousa Twitter account, she had some rough arguments with another stars. Also, it is believed that Waluscha De Sousa and Ileana D’ Cruz have some mysterious rift amongst them which is not yet made public. Nevertheless, she has been a role model to various present day models such as Sara Gurpal. In the film “Fan”, Waluscha De Sousa and Shriya Pilgaonkar will be seen sharing the screen.

Waluscha De Sousa Marriage, Husband

The gossips about Waluscha De Sousa love affairs were very common back in her modelling days. The talks about model Waluscha De Sousa boyfriends being changed frequently was nothing new, however, paparazzi is to be blamed for it. But model Waluscha De Sousa love life found its destination when in 2003; actress Waluscha De Sousa married a fashion designer, Marc Robinson.

Given the rumours about Waluscha De Sousa dating history, it was a big shock for many when she finally announced Waluscha De Sousa wedding date with Marc Robinson. Now, to state the fact, Waluscha De Sousa husband name is a well-known one in the industry as he holds over 20 years of experience in the industry. But being recognised as the husband of actress Waluscha De Sousa was a new thing for him as well.

Waluscha De Sousa Divorce, Children

Like a fairy tale, Waluscha De Sousa Marc Robinson love story was no less than dramatic. The much talked about Marc Robinson Waluscha De Sousa relationship was in controversy due to Waluscha De Sousa Marc Robinson age difference but that could not move the roots of their love. It is also a fact that the gorgeous and beautiful actress Waluscha De Sousa husband is a multi-talented guy as he is an Indian model, a beauty pageant director, an actor and a grooming expert as well.

However, in 2012, Waluscha De Sousa split with Marc Robinson shocked the world. Even though Waluscha De Sousa divorce reason is not revealed, her fans are heartbroken by the split. As per Waluscha De Sousa latest news, she decided to come back to the industry to end her 11 year-long break.

To speak of Waluscha De Sousa children, she has 3 kids from her first marriage, 2 daughters and 1 son. Waluscha De Sousa son name is Brooklyn Robinson and Waluscha De’ Sousa daughters names are Chanel Robinson and Sienna Robinson. It is believed that talks about Waluscha De Sousa second marriage are mere rumours as of now.