Bhavika Sharma HD Wallpapers, Family, Hot Images, Cute Pics, Wedding, Husband PhotosBhavika Sharma is a young and promising television actress and plays the role of Riya Gupta in the TV Series, “Parvarrish Season 2”. The show also features Gautami Kapoor in the role of Bhavika Sharma’s mother and the struggle of an Indian parent to deal with growing teenagers. In this “Parvarrish Season 2” actress Bhavika Sharma biography, we shall cover various aspects of her life including her personal details and professional achievements. She just started her acting career and is seen as a capable young woman with tonnes of potential. Directors like Imtiaz Punjabi agree to the fact that she might be a big name in the industry someday. Given her love for the social networking websites (as is the case of almost every teen in the world), her fans were very excited to know about Riya Gupta real name. Today, she has thousands of followers online and her fan following seems to be increasing at a rapid pace.

Actress Bhavika Sharma Age, Family

Born and brought up in India, Bhavika Sharma is very fond of her birthplace and so, portrays her love for Indian Television through her work. While the list of her TV serials is not very long as of now, her debut is an amazing kick start to her career and she is expected to reach great heights in the future.

To speak about her family background, Bhavika Sharma currently lives in Mumbai with her parents. She was born in the year 1998 so currently actress Bhavika Sharma age is 17 years old. However, the exact date of birth is 26th November. She recently flooded the internet with her birthday party pictures which were well-received by her fans. Speaking about her stats, Bhavika Sharma’s height is approximately 5 feet 4 inches.

Actress Bhavika Sharma Wiki

As far as the cute and charming girl Bhavika Sharma wiki is concerned, she is still a budding star and not quite famous, relatively. However, she is indeed working hard on her first TV show and that kind of honesty does reflect in her work. To give her even more credit for her efforts, a huge part of the education of the star kids is sacrificed so that the entertainment industry keeps running. In fact, we will have to see in a few years as to her college plans and whether or not she makes acting her full time career.

Bhavika Sharma TV Serials, Advertisements

While the performance of Bhavika Sharma in “Parvarrish 2” serial is widely acclaimed, it is still a mystery as to how the casting team of the show got the idea of portraying Bhavika Sharma as Riya Gupta on the show. Her presence in front of the camera and her on screen chemistry with her mother on the show Gautami Kapoor is commendable and shows how talented this young little girl is.

Bhavika Sharma also shares excellent screen space with the actor Anuj Pandit on the show. The show is a sequel to “Parvarrish: Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi”, originally starring Shweta Tiwari and Roshni Chopra, whereby the parents of young teens struggle with the emerging lives of their children. The show narrowed down its details to tiny issues like girls being asked to wear jeans while going out late instead of wearing skirts.

As she has gathered a lot of fame within a very short span of time, the offers for advertisements have been lining up for her. Of the top TV commercials that she has starred in, the ad for Cadbury Dairy Milk tops the list. Others include Hair Oil ads with Alia Bhatt and more. She says her favourite TV actresses include Pooja Bose and Gauri Pradhan.

Other than people from her own show, Bhavika Sharma is believed to have a great friendship with Diana Khan, who also appeared in one of the television shows on Sony, “Humsafars”. As of now, Bhavika is concentrating her 100% on her career and thus, increasing the probability of her acting in Bollywood films someday soon. It is undoubted that her fans would love to see Bhavika in a few movies in the years to come.

Bhavika Sharma Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

The talks about the love affairs of Bhavika Sharma have been very limited, given her young age. In an interview, she said that the boyfriend of Bhavika Sharma is not likely to be round the corner anytime soon as she is putting all of her energy into her work.

Considering her young age and a promising career ahead, aspects like marriage and husband do not seem to be appearing in the picture for at least 10 more years. However, the love life of Bhavika Sharma may be seen happening in a few years and when that happens, her fans would love to know about her boyfriend. As of now, the dating life of Bhavika Sharma is not much of a concern for her and all she must be doing is build up formal relationships in the business.

Bhavika Sharma Upcoming Serials, New TV Shows

As far as the talks about Bhavika taking up new TV serials, it seems unlikely as she is new to the camera and wouldn’t want to quit when her show is doing so well. However, her fans would like to see her in more stuff and the next TV show of Bhavika Sharma is eagerly awaited for. One of the most interesting facts about Bhavika Sharma is that she loves attention and always want to be remains in the gossips.

Being the media buzz that she is, we are pretty sure that the latest news of Bhavika Sharma’s upcoming serials will be announced by her as soon as that happens. Also, if she continues to work with the same dedication that she has today, the net worth of Bhavika Sharma will be pretty impressive someday. To keep up with her adventurous life, you can visit Bhavika Sharma’s Twitter account and follow her there. To know more about her career, continue reading the next of this biography.