Actor Shreyas Talpade Biography, Wife, MoviesShreyas Talpade is a charming and talented Indian actor who has given the nation some of the popular and entertainment hit flicks. He has acted in a couple of regional films and earned prodigious respect and fame. His work has been appreciated by many film fraternity stalwarts. This young and charming actor has garnered huge fans and adorers and is a popular figure in his native land of Maharashtra. Shreyas Talpade actor profile is graced with the hit movies and upcoming projects that shall add feathers to his cap. Shreyas Talpade Hindi movies list includes some of the most entertaining movies that have focused on inspirational stories. He had started his career in the year 2000 and today after a span of more than a decade he stands as a popular actor in regional flicks and in Indian cinemas. The biography of Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade reveals fascinating facts about his early life, career and love life and affairs. He is not the hunky hero yet he has a different charm that captivates people to watch his movies. His movies are most often a treat to watch.

Actor Shreyas Talpade Age, Family

Shreyas Talpade is a Maharashtrian and was born in Mumbai. Shreyas Talpade date of birth is January 27th, 1976. Shreyas Talpade age is 38 years currently. He went to Shree Ram welfare society’s high school. He had a penchant for acting right since his early childhood and movies with a staunch meaning and storyline always attracted him. Shreyas Talpade family background is simple and the actor has his roots laid deep in a cultured and educated family.

Shreyas Talpade has a pleasing personality and wears a innocent smile that makes gives him quite the ‘good boy’ look. Shreyas Talpade height is 5 feet and 7 inches and he weighs nearly 57 kgs. He thus doesn’t have the perfect heroic looks and hunky personality with all the muscular physique and flaunting abs but he definitely possess a charming persona and acting skills that invigorated his career and stardom.

Actor Shreyas Talpade biography shall walk you through his wiki and personal life as well. He has acted with some of the famous banners and film personalities that have accelerated his career graph in both Hindi and Marathi films. Shreyas Talpade has marked the inception of his Bollywood career with the film Iqbal in which his acting and performance was colossally appreciated and he received numerous overwhelming acclamations.

Actor Shreyas Talpade Wiki, Bollywood Debut

Actor Shreyas Talpade wiki gives a brief and detailed information on his early works and future projects. Shreyas Talpade first Bollywood movie “Iqbal” was directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and he played the role of a mute and deaf boy. He has also featured in a couple of Marathi soap operas and has performed in many elite stage shows.

Shreyas Talpade debut film “Iqbal” marked panache in his career and he received appreciation from spectators and critics. He achieved humongous fame his debut Bollywood movie “Iqbal” and he even garnered the Best Debut actor award for his performance in this flick. He was also signed by Nagesh Kukunoor in his next movie “Dor”. He played a comic role in this movie and his versatility was soon unveiled before the Indian crowd. The film and Shreyas himself received critics’ appreciation.

He garnered mammoth fame and name from his Bollywood breaks and Shreyas Talpade and Riteish Deshmukh movies like “Apna Sapna Money Money” geared his Bollywood career. The film was a stupendous entertainment and it paved way for bigger breaks for Shreyas. He has also acted with Bollywood Badshaah King Khan and embellished his film career with dazzling lights of success.

Shreyas Talpade Marathi TV Serials, Movies

Shreyas Talpade had started his career in acting by signing some Marathi soap operas. He had also appeared in a couple of stage shows. In the year 1997 Shreyas Talpade new TV serial “Woh” had bagged him the most prominent role and he became popular with it. He had also acted in a few mini-serials under the banner Adhikari Brothers. “Damini” was a popular serial among Shreyas Talpade TV serials and his character Tejas in this serial was greatly appreciated among Marathi viewers.

Shreyas Talpade Marathi serial list includes a few more popular serials and he had appeared in some popular talk shows. He had begun his career with Marathi serials and has also acted in a couple of Marathi films. “Pachadlela”, “Savarkhed Ek Gaav” and some more are included in Shreyas Talpade Marathi movies list.

Shreyas Talpade Love Life, Gossips

Shreyas Talpade epitomizes steady growth with hard work and talent. His professional life has witnessed success and fame that has given him opportunities to work with many prominent and superhit Bollywood stars. Shreyas Talpade hot movies and comic roles have well-spoken of the fact that he is truly talented and versatile.

Shreyas Talpade personal life is also colored with bright colors of love and churned the gossips mills of his love life. Shreyas Talpade love affairs have never captivated much of media attention and gossips and he has enjoyed a placid and unperturbed love life. The curious fans often wondered about Shreyas Talpade girlfriend and wonder on is Shreyas Talpade dating anyone.

Shreyas Talpade Deepti Talpade Love Story

Shreyas Talpade was acting in Marathi serial Abhal Maya when he met his wife. Shreyas Talpade wife name is Deepti Talpade whom he met in her college when he visited as a celebrity star. Shreyas Talpade marriage news had appalled and surprised most of the crowd and left everyone awed. Shreyas Talpade with his wife Deepti met in her college and exchanged a few chatters that eventually led to love talks.

Shreyas Talpade wife smile is truly mesmerizing and the couple makes a dazzling pair. Shreyas Talpade in “Supriya Sachin” show had come with his wife. In this show Sachin and Supriya let the spectators know about Shreyas Talpade and Deepti Talpade love story and Deepti’s parents spoke their opinions and views about the couple. The couple seems to have charmed the audience and the host and Supriya gifted a saree to Deepti on the show.

Shreyas Talpade Marriage, Wife Profile, Kids

Shreyas Talpade is a true celebrity not just in his profession but also in his love life and he has won the heart of a decent beautiful lady. Actor Shreyas Talpade is married with a psychiatrist Deepti Talpade. Shreyas Talpade wife Deepti Talpade wiki has nothing to do with the glamor world or film fraternity instead she is an educated and gorgeous medical practitioner who has achieved her graduation in psychology.

SShreyas Talpade wife profession is now of a psychiatrist but she was the general secretary in her college when Shreyas first met her. Shreyas Talpade wife age is 35 years currently. The marriage talks and chats have cleared the confusion on is Shreyas Talpade married but has fuelled new rumors about Shreyas Talpade wife pregnant and Shreyas Talpade daughter.

There were news about Shreyas Talpade wife accident but it has not been a major issue the couple has talked about. Well rumors mills keep rolling but unless the facts are spoken by the people themselves they shall make the least impact on the celebrities.

Shreyas Talpade Upcoming Movies and News

Shreyas Talpade has done numerous movies in his film career and his new movies are anticipated to storm the theatres soon. He has also produced a Marathi flick named “Sanai Chaughade”. His recent movies include “Welcome to Sajjanpur” and “Golmaal Returns”. Shreyas Talpade in paying guest in the year 2009 had offered him a different role. He played a female personality in this flick.

Shreyas Talpade latest news and movies also include horror flicks like “Help” and “Click”. Shreyas Talpade upcoming movies include a Marathi film “Poshter Boyi” which is slated to hit the floors in 2014. This Shreyas Talpade upcoming Marathi film is directed by Sameer Patil and was launched by the famous Bollywood filmmaker Subhash Ghai. Apart from movies news about Shreyas Talpade new reality show have also engulfed the media gossips. The actor is currently busy in his upcoming Marathi movie and is looking for good scripts to grace his film career.