Sanjeeda Sheikh in Jeans, Hot Images, Husband Pics, Wedding Dress, Family, KidsA lot of TV actors fall in love in the sets of the particular serial they are seen in and eventually end up marrying each other. One would be surprised to know how many such people are there who have gone down this road. Aamir Ali wife Sanjeeda Sheikh biography is the topic of discussion today. She has a similar story. Sanjeeda Sheikh has been seen in a number of TV serials. Sanjeeda Sheikh Actress profile will be discussed and we will also delve into the reason as to what makes Sanjeeda Sheikh eligible to be in “Power Couple”. A lot of celebrity gossips will spice up the upcoming sections; some are stuff that has been overheard from the other “Power Couple” contestants. She has entered the telly industry by a stroke of luck when she had flown down to Mumbai from Kuwait to help out a friend in opening a dance school. Sanjeeda Sheikh hot pics show a very pretty face with brown eyes clad mostly in traditional Indian wear looking quite resplendent.

Actress Sanjeeda Sheikh Age, Family,Wiki

The biography of TV actress Sanjeeda Sheikh starts with more details about Sanjeeda Sheikh family background. She was born into a little family in Kuwait City. Sanjeeda Sheikh’s parents are very proud of her achievements. The actress Sanjeeda Sheikh age is 30 as Sanjeeda Sheikh date of birth is 20 December, 1984. Sanjeeda Sheikh height is 1.63 meter.

Sanjeeda Sheikh’s brother name has recently been in the news as he got married and Sanjeeda Sheikh was seen with her brother at the festivities. Sanjeeda Sheikh Weight loss secret is her dancing as mentioned by the actress Sanjeeda Sheikh wiki. Sanjeeda Sheikh education happened from Ahmadabad. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Sanjeeda Sheikh nationality is Indian and her religion is Islam. Now let’s move on from discussing hot Sanjeeda Sheikh images to find more interesting facts about Sanjeeda Sheikh personal life.

Actress Sanjeeda Sheikh TV Shows

Sanjeeda Sheikh first TV show was “Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa” in 2006. Sanjeeda Sheikh did 3 South Indian movies back to back in a span of a year and a half. Sanjeeda Sheikh did her Bollywood debut in 2003 with her short role in “Baghban”. The TV actor Aamir Ali wife, Sanjeeda Sheikh has also starred in “Jeans”. The two beautiful ladies Sanjeeda Sheikh and Shamita Shetty were seen together in the film “Pankh”. A lot of trivial Sanjeeda Sheikh controversy was doing the rounds from her presence in Power Couple.

Sanjeeda Sheikh upcoming TV serials are still in the pipeline and their title has not been decided yet. Sanjeeda Sheikh has a lot of followers in her Twitter handle. Fans can see Sanjeeda Sheikh in her real role cooking up new drama every day in “Power Couple”. Sanjeeda Sheikh was also seen in “Nach Baliye” where she belted out some really mesmerizing numbers with her boyfriend.

Sanjeeda Sheikh Love Life, Marriage, Husband

The actress Sanjeeda Sheikh got married in 2012 and Sanjeeda Sheikh wedding date is 2 March, 2012. Sanjeeda Sheikh’s husband is also an actor and his name also keeps popping up in the entertainment news in association with his wife. Sanjeeda Sheikh Aamir Ali age difference is nonexistent and what is more important is that Aamir Ali Sanjeeda Sheikh went from being a love story to a success story.

The husband of TV actress Sanjeeda Sheikh pampers her a lot and treats her like a kid. Sanjeeda Sheikh marriage pictures will be able to tell you just how much they are in love. The amount of affection in Aamir Ali Sanjeeda Sheikh relationship is palpable from their photographs. Sanjeeda Sheikh husband profile is almost the same as that of her as both of them are from the same industry. Fans often see Sanjeeda Sheikh with her husband visiting social events. Their love story is much like that of the couple Rohit Nag and Aishwarya Sakhuja.

The rumor about Sanjeeda Sheikh being pregnant is not true. Sanjeeda Sheikh has just said she wants to have children but due to her husband’s busy schedule, they have put off the thought for a while now. Sanjeeda Sheikh baby pics is what everyone wants to see but the wife of TV actor Aamir Ali is yet to grace her fans with that wish. The “Power Couple” contestant Sanjeeda Sheikh bio data has been discussed now. This was all about Sanjeeda Sheikh love affairs. It is quite obvious that Sanjeeda Sheikh has been quite lucky as far as her love life is concerned and the decision of Sanjeeda Sheikh dating Aamir Ali has worked in her favor.

Actress Sanjeeda Sheikh Latest Buzz

Sanjeeda Sheikh was seen in an Anarkali Suit in her brother’s mehendi and Sanjeeda Sheikh was seen in a Saree for the marriage. Sanjeeda Sheikh has been in the latest news for participating in reality show for real life couples. Sanjeeda Sheikh new look suits her a lot and a lot of her fans are changing their looks to be more like her. Sanjeeda Sheikh next project is still in the pipeline.

Sanjeeda Sheikh net worth is still growing. Sanjeeda Sheikh hairstyle constantly keeps changing. Right now Sanjeeda Sheikh wears her hair open in a natural way in the new TV show. Sanjeeda Sheikh Beauty tips are to stay hydrated and get a good amount of sleep every day. That is all about Sanjeeda Sheikh Beauty secrets and Sanjeeda Sheikh has admitted that she hates to diet. Her dance keeps her fit. And we can take her word for it because let’s admit t, she does look great not dieting and not hitting the gym.